The weekend went by too fast!  Erik and I had a lot going on.  On Friday we met up with friends Libby and Biffer for sushi and my brother and his girlfriend babysat Juliet.  We went after she was asleep, which is nice because that way I don’t have to miss any time with her.

On Saturday morning we met my sister and her husband for breakfast at a new bakery by our house.  Then we ran errands and relaxed at home.

Libby and Biffer had us over on Sunday for brunch and Libby made a delicious spread including quiche, monkey bread and fruit.  We also had mimosas, of course.  Juliet loved the quiche.  She is such a good eater, she likes mostly everything and we are doing a blend of purees and table food.  She enjoys feeding herself, especially with a spoon, which gets REALLY messy.
In this photo you can see me sporting the “no make-up huge zit on my face” look.  Not glamorous at all but I love my sweet little girlie in these pictures and I try not to dip out of any photo opportunity with her.  I’m usually behind the camera so when I get Erik to take pictures of us, I go for it, make-up or no make-up.
Seriously cute, yes?  She loves her dada so much.   While we are doing better at getting some smiles for the camera, a lot of shots still look like the one on the right.  She wasn’t grumpy at all on Saturday but she looks like she was in that photo! Saturday was beautiful outside, 65 degrees.  We took advantage of it by going for a long walk.On Sunday I asked Erik, “so can I put Juliet in a cute outfit or does she have to wear her jersey?”.  Well, you can see here what his answer was.  So I wore mine too and we all matched.  That necklace is a Chewbeads necklace. Juliet chews on it and likes to play with it while breastfeeding.  It’s super functional because it keeps her busy but it is UGLY.  I don’t usually wear it out in public.

After brunch Erik went to the Vikings game and Juliet went home for an afternoon snuggle-and-play-fest.  Our new thing is listening to the Raffi station on Pandora and dancing around the living room.  We’ve also been practicing crawling and clapping.  We’re not quite there yet but we have fun trying!