Juliet turned 10 months today! She is now in the double digits and I feel like the countdown to turning one is on. Don’t get me wrong…I want these last couple months of having my sweet baby girl still an infant to go SLOW. But I have learned a thing or two in the past 10 months and I know that I’ll blink and she’ll be one.

Month 10 has been an awesome month, just like all the rest.  It’s been a month of firsts and milestones.  This month has been the perfect age.  Then again, I’ve thought that about each month along the way.

Juliet’s month 10 firsts and milestones:

  • She said mama!  It is the most beautiful sound.  Sometimes it comes out as nana, but every one in a while she says mama. I know the m sound is not easy for her to make, but when we practice and she is determined, it comes out just perfect.  I’m not sure if she knows the connection between mama and me, but it won’t be long.   
  • I know I’ve talked about Juliet’s mobility for a couple of months now, but I can officially say that Juliet is full-on mobile.  She doesn’t crawl, technically, but can get anywhere she wants to be, and pretty fast.  She is always on all fours…yet instead of a traditional crawl she sort of propels herself forward, using her tummy as a landing pad and then does a tummy scoot to get where she wants.  
  • I’m not sure if this is considered a milestone but Juliet’s hair has been growing like crazy!  It is getting so long and unless we sweep it over to the side, it is in her eyes.  I can’t wait to put her beautiful hair in little pigtails!
  • I can finally say that my little girl is, in fact, teething.  It took 10 months for this to happen but her pediatrician confirmed she had a tooth poking up and I actually felt a sharp little bud of a tooth yesterday (I try to peek in her mouth but she doesn’t like it and sticks out her tongue and blocks me, haha).  It’s probably silly but I feel so excited and proud of my baby for getting her first tooth.  When I describe Juliet I often say she is very laid back and easy going.  Here is an example, last week she had a terrible cold.  She also had her very first ear infection and was teething.  Do you think she was fussy at all?  No.  She was her normal sweet, happy self. 
  • Juliet started “singing”.  I noticed this when I sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to her.  She sort of hums along….sometimes I even think she’s following the rhythm!  Then in church the past couple weekends ago she was “singing” along with the choir.  It’s so adorable.  
  • Juliet is still a very good eater when it comes to solids.  She is still getting purees but is getting more and more table food.  She loves blueberries and raspberries and usually finished those first.  She loves meat!  I think she likes pork the most and also chicken.  She had her first pancake this month and also her first taste of spaghetti.  It was messy which I think is adorable but it makes Erik cringe when she drops handfuls of food on the floor.  
This past weekend was a difficult one, as I know you all share in my sorrow for what happened in our world.  I was away from Juliet all day and night Friday because I had my work holiday party and she stayed at grandma and grandpas.  When I got her on Saturday morning we spent the rest of the day wrapped in a tight hug, with me whispering her name over and over as I breathed in her sweet baby scent and feeling thankful for every second I have her in my life.  There are a lot of seconds in 10 months and I can honestly say that I’ve cherished every single one of those seconds.  
Breastfeeding is going amazingly well.  Honestly, sort of magical.  I know I got this from my own mom.  She breastfed me for two years and my younger brother was extended breastfed as well.  The bond I feel with Juliet when I breastfeed is so awesome and I have no intentions of stopping anytime soon.  The thought of weaning saddens me so much.  So the plan is to allow her to baby led wean whenever she is ready.  It might not be for another year.  We’ll just go with the flow on this one.  But I hope to breastfeed her well past a year.  
And here are the cute outtakes from our quick 10 month photo shoot (daddy was there helping to make sure she didn’t topple off the chair).