My sweet girl is 11 months today!!! This past month has been so, so awesome with Juliet. She is getting so expressive, talking (jabbering), so many smiles and laughs.

Here are Juliet’s milestones for the month:

  • Her second tooth came in.  It came just a few days after the first so now she has two adorable little teeth poking up from her bottom gums.  I love her gummy toothy smiles.  
  • Juliet learned to pull herself up to stand.  She does it on just about everything now.  There were a couple days where naps and nighttime sleeping was difficult because she would pull herself up and just sort of bounce and smile.  I’d watch her on the video monitor unsure if she was able to get back down.  She would eventually “fall” back down on her butt and then lay down.  Despite being able to pull up, I don’t think she is close to walking.  She doesn’t really get the whole one foot in front of the other notion when we hold onto her hands to help her walk.  She just sort of bounces and wobbles.  I am in no rush for her to walk.  
  • Like I mentioned in Juliet’s favorite feeding things post, she started eating tons of solids this months.  Real meals.  Big meals.  She loves almost everything and meal time is always so fun.  She is pretty good at feeding herself and sometimes grabs the spoon and insists on using it all by herself.  Her favorite foods are blueberries, scrambled eggs, raspberries, pork, chicken, squash and peas.  
  • So I’m pretty sure this isn’t really a milestone, but Juliet started having little tantrums in the past few weeks.  When she is done eating and wants out of her high chair or is starting to get overtired or if we take something away that she wants, she will scream and then cry.  It’s a very easy to tell fake cry.  She gets mad.  Of course now I think it’s cute but I know that won’t last once she is a full-on toddler.  The tantrums don’t last long and I can usually prevent them by reading her cues and addressing what she needs before it’s too late.  Or we can easily distract her and cut the tantrum short.  
  • She started making this adorable grumbly face.  She scrunches up her nose, purses her lips and breathes super fast and heavy.  I have no idea where she got it from but it’s hilarious and adorable and now it’s sort of a daddy/daughter thing.  Erik will make the face at her and she’ll make it back and they’ll both smile and laugh. 
Breastfeeding is still going well but I can honestly say that I am very ready to be done pumping soon.  Over the holidays I had a week and a half off work and took a bunch of days off from pumping.  When I came back to work it was as though my body didn’t remember how to respond to the pump.  Either that or my pump motor is starting to suck.  My output from pumping has been terrible and it is so stressful and frustrating to sit for 25 minutes pumping with not much to show for it.  Needless to say I am so thankful that I still have about 100 ounces in my freezer stash.  I plan to stop pumping around the time Juliet turns a year and hope that my supply regulates itself so I can still breastfeed her in the mornings/evenings/nights and weekends.  Actual breastfeeding is still awesome.  It’s our special time together and I couldn’t love it more.  Juliet eats in the morning, evening and usually once overnight.  Some nights she sleeps through the night but for the most part she is up around 3ish.  I’ve gotten so used to getting up at night that I feel well-rested for the most part.  
These past 11 months have been just incredible and next month is the big 1 year!  I am really trying not to feel sad about my baby girl growing up so fast and instead am embracing it.  Each month has been more amazing than the last and as she grows Erik and I have more and more fun with her.  We love our little sugar plum so much.  
I am working on Juliet’s birthday party invites this week.  I will be posting about her birthday party details soon!