My darling girl turned 12 months last weekend. Oh my…one year!  We were very busy last weekend with a big birthday party full of love, family and friends.  It was a fun day, a bit stressful…my little girlie enjoyed the party but also had a few crabby moments, too. I think all the excitement was a bit much plus she was getting over strep.  Overall, it was a great weekend and fun birthday.  I will have a full post with lots of photos coming soon.

The night before Juliet’s birthday I thought to myself, this is about the time my water broke….one year ago we were about to start an amazing journey.  I had no idea just how awesome it would be.  I had no clue…none whatsoever how much my life was going to change and how much love I would feel for this new, little person.

The evening before her birthday we did our bedtime routine which ends with rocking and breastfeeding in the glider.  Each night, this is our time, hers and mine and on that evening we took extra time and I just stared and stared at her…my sweet little girl, about to turn one.  When I laid her down I stood above her crib and whispered to her how much I love her.  Over and over.  Her first birthday was a bit emotional, to say the least.

This month brought more milestones, more growth…my little baby girl turning into a toddler girl.

  • Juliet started walking along furniture.  She pulls herself up on everything and cruises along while holding on.  She is getting more confident and strong and I imagine it will be just a month or so before she is walking all by herself.  
  • She started sleeping through the night!  Around months 5-6 Juliet was completely sleeping through the night, but it didn’t last.  She went through the next 6 months waking up about once a night, sometimes more.  I got used to this and actually didn’t mind it too much.  I would feed her quickly and lay her back down, and she would pretty easily fall right back to sleep.  But when she went back to fully sleeping through the night…holy crap was that nice.  It is a beautiful thing.  Of course, she has her nights when she wakes up, but for the most part, she’s sleeping through the night.
  • We have been working on clapping for months and Juliet finally started clapping one day a few weeks ago.  And then she never stopped!  She claps all the time, with a big smile on her sweet face.  
  • All of the sudden one day Juliet decided she had a mommy preference.  Up until that point, Juliet was super easy going and very social, she would go to anyone.  Now she wants mommy all the time and whines a bit if daddy holds her when I am around.  Fortunately, this has eased in the past week, which is nice before it makes daddy feel really bad.  
  • Juliet has been making the sign for milk for a while now, but I don’t think she really knew what it meant until this month.  One night she woke up and I was rocking her back to sleep.  She sat up in my lap, looked at me and made the sign for milk.  We aren’t big signers but I do it once in a while with a few signs like eat, drink, more and milk.  In this moment I knew she was communicating with me that she wanted to breast feed.  It was really cool. 
  • This is not really a milestone, but I realized this month just how much Juliet loves/adores daycare.  I kept her home for a few days when she was getting over strep and by the time Juliet went back to daycare she couldn’t wait to get there.  She just lights up at daycare…she loves the other kids (her friends!) and her daycare provider Sarah.  This makes me so happy and really helps with any traces of guilt I feel being away from her while I’m at work.  
I’m so glad I have documented Juliet’s first 12 months with photos and milestones.  I posted all 12 months at her birthday party and it was crazy to see how much this precious girl has changed and grown.  She is my beautiful, sweet, loving girl and I adore her beyond words and feel so blessed and lucky that she’s mine.  
Happy 12 months my sweet sugar plum.  Mommy loves you more than anything in the whole wide world.  I know the next year will be just as fun adventurous and the first.  
Juliet’s 12 months: