It seriously seems like we were just cleaning up after Juliet’s one year birthday party and whoosh…another month has gone by. My sweet girl is 13 whopping months old now and the time just seems to be going faster and faster. I try to combat this by cherishing each quiet nursing session, our fun playtime after I get home from work, every time she rests her head on my shoulder when she’s tired and all the moments in between.

Here are her latest milestones:

  • She started saying no…or more specifically “neh”.  She knows what it means and she uses it in the right context.  When she doesn’t want to drink out of her straw cup anymore she will push it away and say “neh”.  
  • Juliet started doing “soooo big” and putting her hands up in the air right after her first birthday (or maybe it was on her birthday).  My mom has been trying to teach Juliet this for a while and her other Grandma also taught this to her when she was visiting over Juliet’s birthday.  Something seemed to click and now she does it all the time.  She gets lots of praise from mama and dada and looks so pleased with herself.  
  • She plays patty cake, claps her hands along with the song and when we say “toss it in the pan” she throws her hands up in the air.  Grandma Karen taught her that over Juliet’s birthday weekend.  
  • Juliet is getting stronger and has better balance now while walking with support.  I still think it could be another month or two before she’s walking but I really have no idea.  There is no rush, she will do this in her own time and when she’s ready.  
  • Juliet transitioned to whole milk at daycare in her bottles.  We did half breastmilk and half whole milk until last week when I used the last bag of my frozen milk stash.  I took a photo of that last bag (yes, I seriously did).  My frozen stash was very important to me and that last bag was a symbol of a lot of hard work of pumping, pumping and more pumping.  Fortunately, the transition to whole milk was a non-issue.  Juliet loves it and for that I am very happy. 
Juliet is still breastfeeding and it’s going very well for us.  She eats in the morning and evening before bed, on the weekends as much as she wants and at night if she wakes up (which, unfortunately has been kind of a lot lately).  We are on no timeline for weaning, I am just going with the flow on this and doing what feels right.  I did cut pumping sessions back from 3 to 1 a day.  I had the intention of quitting pumping altogether but at the end of the day, I just couldn’t completely quit (for fear of losing my supply).  I pump during my lunch hour at work and it’s not too bad.  I am so happy I cut out the session before I went to bed.  I pretty much dreaded that one every day and not doing it anymore feels liberating.  
I have no idea if I will continue these monthly updates or not.  I didn’t have any plans of stopping the updates at a year but I haven’t really thought about how long I’ll continue.  I love having this digital journal of my girlie with all her milestones documented.  So I may just continue.  
It’s crazy to see how much she’s changed in just one short month.  Her little pony makes her look like such a big girl and is much needed to keep her hair out of her eyes.   I love brushing her hair and she sits very still for me while I do her hair.  
The days with my sweet love just keep getting better and better.  Love you so much silly girl.  Happy 13 months!