Juliet’s one year photo session was a little over a month ago.  It’s crazy how much older, and much more like a toddler Juliet looks versus these photos.  She is changing every day, especially her hair…it is getting so long!  I have to put it in a side ponytail on top of her head to keep her bangs from falling over her eyes.

These photos were taken by Gruman Photography (she also took Juliet’s newborn photos and 6 month photos).  I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again…I did invest quite a bit in documenting Juliet’s first year with professional photography and I am so happy and grateful I did.  These photos are so dear to me and I will forever have a beautiful collection of my baby girl’s first year.

For Juliet’s one year photos, I wanted the session to be very authentic and lifestyle-focused.  So we had the photos taken in our home.  I kept Juliet’s outfits pretty minimal.  I think she is most adorable and sweet crawling around with just a diaper on…so we went with a less is more approach.

Juliet maintained her stance of not wanting to smile much for the camera.  She still looks adorable in my opinion! This may be my favorite photo of the session.  We took a few photos on a huge white rug with Juliet in a cute ruffly diaper cover.

I’ve taken photos of Juliet on our pink glider chair every month since she was one month.  I’m glad we got a smiley one here!But then she got distracted and had more important things to do. We took a few photos outside our front door.  Juliet was not very amused with being outdoors.  This part of the session lasted about 3 minutes.   I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do a cake smash as part of the session, since I knew we’d be taking plenty photos during her actual birthday party.  But at the last minute I bought a cake and topped it with a gold heart and decided to go for it.  I think this was Juliet’s favorite part of the session and I’m glad we did it.   Apparently a big bite of frosting =  a smile.  Yummy! I love these photos so much.  I immediately printed my favorite six in 8×10 and Erik hung them on the wall in our living room.

Thanks to Sally Gruman for so beautifully capturing my little sweetie for this big milestone birthday.