My sweet girl turned 14 months last Tuesday. She is all smiles lately. She giggles and laughs and squeals. We have been having so much fun.

There weren’t any major milestones this month.  Mostly, her little mind is hard at work taking in the world. She has been super engaged lately; loves being read to, loves hanging out in her playroom with momma or daddy and playing with her kitchen.

Here are the (sort of) milestones that took place this month:

  • Juliet learned to say “hi”…ok, I haven’t heard it, but Sarah her daycare provider told me she’s said “hi” recently. She came in to get Juliet after a nap and said “hi, Juliet!” and Juliet replied “hi!” This is the first time Juliet’s had a milestone at daycare that I haven’t experienced at home. I’m a little bit sad about this, but Juliet adores daycare so much, and the truth is, she is there 45 hours a week, so it wouldn’t be realistic to think all her milestones will happen at home with me and Erik.
  • Juliet says “dada” all the time and uses it in the right context.  Before she would say “dada” to pretty much anything (the couch, shoes, cheese, etc) but now she calls Erik “dada”. It’s so cute. It mostly happens in the morning after I breastfeed her and bring her into our room. Before we even get to the bed she starts saying “dada, dada” because she knows she is going to see him.
  • This next milestone is mine. I am completely done pumping. I went down to just one pumping session a day a month ago and for some reason, it was so hard to give that one session up. I had anxiety about it dropping my supply and I guess I came to realize that while I mostly hated the pump, I was attached to it. I carried that thing with me everyday for 14 months. Last week was my first full week with no pump and it is a glorious thing. I carry a purse now instead of a pump. Juliet still nurses mornings and before she goes to bed, and on-demand on the weekends. That works amazing for us and it’s my favorite part of my day.
A few milestones that shouldn’t be too far away…Juliet has 3 teeth coming in on top. They are about to come through. Fortunately, Juliet doesn’t seemed bothered much by teething. She still has a sweet little gummy grim and I wonder what she’ll look like when she gets 3 top teeth all at once.
Juliet loves walking while holding our hands…she is getting stronger and her balance improves everyday. She has stood by herself a couple times and seems really close to taking her first steps…but really, who knows for sure. For now, I’m still enjoying the thump thump thump sound her little knees makes as she crawls around the floor.

There were a lot of cute, happy and very smiley photos taken for this post.
Happy 14 months my darling babe. I feel like the luckiest momma in the world because of you.