{Rompers and pigtails!}

My little honey turned 15 months last week. What a sweet girl she is and what a wonderful month we had.

Juliet had some very exciting milestones this month:

She got 3 new teeth! Her first two bottom teeth appeared back in December and then nothing for 5 months. We could see that teeth wanted to pop through on the top but instead she had bumpy gums for a long time. Then all of the sudden three came through in a matter of a couple days. She looks so much older with her top teeth! Luckily teething doesn’t seem to bother her much and just resulted in a few wake-ups at night, but nothing major.

Juliet has been much more verbal lately and has been learning more words. She picked up on Erik and I telling Kody to “get down” off our counters when he jumps up and suddenly one day she mimicked us and said “get down!”, even down to the tone all while pointing and shaking her finger. Oh my goodness. It was the cutest thing. And now she does it every time she sees the cat. Over and over and over.  She also started saying “uh oh”, “more”, “hi” (this was from last month but I finally heard it this month) and more words I’m sure I’m forgetting. She is constantly babbling. I just love it.

Juliet has been testing her boundaries and limits and displaying her independence with Erik and I lately. Mostly it’s been in the form of throwing food on the floor during meal times. She’s still a very good eater, but when she’s had enough to eat she’ll start dropping handfuls of food. She does this while staring right at us, as if testing us. We try to distract her and/or we take her tray away. Erik has attempted sternly saying “no” but I don’t think she is quite old enough to understand that and even if she is, she blatantly ignores him. I’m sure there is much more of this to come…

She took her first unassisted steps! Erik and I were sitting about 5 feet apart and asked her to “walk to momma” and “walk to dada”, then one day she took about 4 steps forward and launched into my arms with a big smile while we clapped and cheered. That was 3 weeks ago and we haven’t made much progress since. We practice walking a few steps everyday but she doesn’t seem to want to make it her main mode of transportation quite yet.

Happy 15 months to my talkative, happy, sweet, beautiful little love. I love you so.