A couple weekends ago my friend Kristin and I flew out to Washington DC to visit our friend Amy. Kristin has a 6 month old baby girl and though she was anxious to leave her sweetie, she was in need of a little break. And to be honest so was I.

The weekend was everything we needed. 48 hours of wine, great food, shopping, beautiful weather and really good conversation with my best friends.

Sorry for the photo collage overload. These are all pics taken with my iPhone 5 either via Instagram or edited using VSCOcam. I didn’t even bring my DSLR. I didn’t want to lug it with me and I thought the weekend would be more carefree without it. It was.

Kristin, Amy and I went to Georgetown as soon as we got to DC. We ate a light lunch, shopped around and got pedicures. I bought a pair of blue skinny jeans that are still sitting in the Zara bag (I just remembered I bought them, mom brain).

Friday afternoon Amy took us to Union Market where we drank wine, ate hummus and olive bread and ordered a 5-cheese plate. A couple hours later we had some (more) wine on a patio and had dinner at the Red Hen, a great little Italian place with decent prices and tasty gnocchi.
Saturday was the best day. We drove to wine country in Virginia and went to three wineries. The weather was awesome and we had wine tastings and sat outside while listening to music. We ate more cheese. Drank and drank wine.

On the way home from the wineries we stopped at an Indian restaurant for a light dinner. We then spent the rest of the evening hanging out on Amy and her husband’s new deck, with a pergola and lovely lights.

Our flight left at 11am on Sunday but not before we got iced coffee, breakfast bagel sandwiches and walked around the pretty Farmers’ Market in Amy’s neighborhood.

It was a short weekend, but we packed a lot in and it felt relaxing and exciting and amazing all at once.

As you’ve maybe noticed, this is my first blog post in two weeks. I’ve been getting busy at work, which means working in the evening after Juliet goes to bed. And Juliet hasn’t been wanting to go to bed lately. Bedtime has been a struggle. She usually goes to sleep somewhere between 7-7:30 with no issues. But the past couple weeks she wakes up shortly after being put to bed, crying, not wanting to be rocked, held, or even breastfed sometimes. She wants to come downstairs and join Erik and I. But she’s tired, so tired and she really should be sleeping. Anyway, this all means no time for the work that needs to get done and certainly no time for blogging.  It’s a bummer and I’m having a hard time finding balance for everything.  I’m hoping for some better nights ahead and some more time for blogging.  Here’s hoping!

If you’ve been checking back recently, thanks for sticking with me. I know things are different around the blog and I’ve just had to come to terms with the fact that Eat Drink Pretty is not the same blog it was a couple years ago. I envy those bloggers that somehow seem to have infinite time to do it all. I’m not one of those bloggers. On a good week I can squeeze 2 posts in. On a bad week, it’s radio silence.

Anyway, I have a really pretty pink confetti baby shower to share with you later this week (if I can find the time to post it…I promise I am going to try.)

Happy Monday.