Last week my family and I spent four days in Madeline Island for a little getaway. My two brothers, my sister, their significant others, their daughter Chloe and my parents, Erik, Juliet and I all drove up north last Thursday. We stopped in Duluth for lunch on a patio and walked around a bit, enjoying the gorgeous weather and pretty views.  Juliet, Erik and my parents hanging out in Duluth.While we waited for the ferry to take us to the island, Juliet got to experience sand on her bare feet for the first time. She loved it and didn’t mind the chilly water washing over her toes.
We got to Madeline Island mid-afternoon and after settling into our cabin, we headed down to the beach and had a little happy hour.  That evening my sister Katie and her husband made pizzas and we hung out, relaxing.  The guys built a fire but a few of us went to bed early (ok, all of us with babies).  It’s tiring traveling with a toddler!

On Friday morning my brother Joel and his fiance Katie made breakfast sandwiches, which were awesome. We divvied up meals but everyone ended up bringing way too much food. We ended up bringing coolers filled with food home.

We spent Friday hanging out at the cabin and then headed to Big Bay State Park, where we spent the afternoon on the beach with drinks and snacks. It was a little chilly and windy on the beach, but Erik somehow managed to get sunburned.
Erik took Juliet for a walk in the Beco Gemini, which she loves. She was so comfy she fell asleep.

After the state park, a bunch of us headed into “town” and got drinks at a couple bars. My parents watched Juliet. Grandparents are a wonderful thing.

On Saturday morning we watched my older brother Ron in an in-line skating marathon. He did great and came in 11th overall and 1st in his age group. He is a super awesome in-line skater and is in amazing shape. Sadly, I didn’t inherit the exercise gene!

The rest of Saturday was spent around a bonfire, making s’mores, hanging out with toddlers, enjoying family time.Grandma pushed Juliet around in the stroller a bunch, which she loves because grandma goes fast!Juliet and I spent more time checking out Lake Superior, feeling the sand and cold water on our toes. I love the way Juliet is holding onto my arm in this picture.

Yet another huge breakfast with waffles, bacon and scrambled eggs.  We love when she makes this face!
Hanging out with grandpa.My baby is getting so big!

We loved the cabin we rented for the trip, it had 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms and a huge kitchen well-equipped for big meals for big, crazy families.

The getaway was way too short, but lots of fun. I wouldn’t say relaxing though…because having a toddler on vacation sort of eliminates the opportunity to relax. By the end of the day I was exhausted, and that was including having family to help out a lot!

I loved seeing Juliet having fun and experiencing new things. I’ll be back with a 16 month update soon! There have been lots of miletones this month!!!