Juliet turned 16 months over a week ago. Things have been busy and even though it was close to her bedtime when we took these photos and the light was terrible in her nursery, I told Erik we had to do it. The result was not super smiley photos BUT these monthly updates are so important to me so we continue to do it. With these photos, between every click of the shutter my little girl is sliding off her chair and wanting to be onto bigger and better things. Like Dr. Seuss.

16 months was a BIG month.

I’ll start with the biggest milestone: WALKING. Yes, my baby is a walker. If you remember, she took her first unassisted steps a couple months ago, but remained content to crawl. Just about two weeks ago was when Juliet decided to take off and start walking. She started off wobbly but is getting stronger and gaining better balance every day. Even though we are getting used to seeing her walk, Erik and I still look at each other when she’s toddling around and say “did you see that?!” She’s not 100% full on walking yet, she still stumbles a lot and will crawl instead. But much of the time, she walks and on her own accord. It astonishes me and fills me with so much pride…even though I know that almost all babies will eventually start walking. I get that, but it’s still the most unbelievable thing in the world to me.

Juliet is a talker. She’s must take after her momma. She babbles and talks all day long. She can say so many words now and her vocabulary is just exploding. She can associate words with things around her. Here are all the words (I can remember) that she is saying on a regular basis:

Get down
Night Night (ni ni)
Katie (doesn’t sound exactly like Katie but she definitely says it)
No way
Grandpa (ba ba)
Grandma (na na)
Bubbles (Buh buh)
Cheese (keez)

Juliet started dancing last month. She plays the music button on her kitty keyboard (loves this thing) and will rock back and forth and put her hands in the air. It’s the cutest thing and sometimes Erik, Juliet and I will hang out in the playroom and have dance parties.

She is going through a big-time momma phase. So much so that she has started crying at daycare drop off. This breaks my heart more than anything in this world but I really try to not let it get to me too much. I know she loves daycare. I know she gets over it quickly and her provider tells me that the tears are gone before I even drive away. But man…the first couple times it happend I just sat in my car clenching the steering wheel, fighting the tears and mostly fighting the urge to say “screw it” to my job and run back into daycare, swoop her up and go home and cuddle. I know it’s a phase. I really hope it ends soon.

Juliet got a new tooth last month. It’s on the upper gums and now she has 3 on top and 2 on the bottom and I just love her little toothy smiles.

Going to bed is hard lately. I have been one lucky mom in that bedtime has NEVER been hard up until recently. We had our routine down and it was lovely; books, diaper, lotion, jammies, breastfeed, cuddle, rock in the chair and then a kiss and down in the crib she went. Every night. Without a peep. She would roll over onto her side or tummy, suck her thumb and go night night. And that was usually around 7-7:30. Now? We are lucky if we can get her to go to bed by 9. I’m not sure what happened but now she cries and stands up in her crib at bedtime and refuses to lay down and go to sleep. For a while I wondered that maybe she isn’t tired so we would bring her downstairs and let her stay up longer. That was probably a big mistake because now she always points to her door and wants to go downstairs. Last night she was up until 10, eek! Anyway, hopefully this is also a phase and we’ll go back to easy the easy bedtime routine soon. It’s been the main reason blogging has been on the back burner. By the time we get her to sleep, I am so exhausted that opening up my computer is the last thing I want to do.

What a fun month! But I’m not going to lie, it’s been a bit stressful, too. The challenging bedtime is no fun for anyone. With that aside, I am obsessed with having a toddler. Juliet is sweet, interactive, loving, adorable. Her hair is getting so long that lately she even looks much older. I am so crazy in love with this girl.

Happy 16 months sugar plum! Momma loves you so much.