My little sweetie turned 17 months last week. We’ve had a wonderful weekend…after a crazy week at work, I needed time with my girlie, time with Erik, time with a big glass of wine. I got to do all the above.

Erik and I had a date night Saturday. We joked that it was “Lang date night 2013″ because we don’t take enough time to go on dates just the two of us, so it feels like it ends up being an annual thing. Juliet had an overnight with grandma and grandpa and Erik and I went out for drinks, went to a Twins game and went to a movie. We packed it in and had a great time.

Juliet had a few major milestones this month:

First, this is the month she turned into a full-on walking toddler. No more walking sometimes and sometimes crawling. Only walking now. And she’s gotten pretty darn good at it. Her balance is great and she only stumbles a little. Granted she still walks like a little drunk baby, and part of me wishes she will always walk this way. It’s the cutest little walk and I just love it so much.

Juliet’s communication skills have exploded. She began understanding a lot this month. And it all seemed to happen overnight. One day we were playing in her playroom and I said “bring momma a book and I’ll read to you” and she walked over to her book pile, chose one and brought it back to me. Since then I realized she understands so much and we can communicate so well now.

Juliet learned animal sounds this month. She knows what all the following animals say: cow, kitty, puppy, wolf, piggy, sheep, horse, monkey, snake and probably a few others I’m forgetting.

Juliet sings, dances and does the actions for itsy bitsy spider. She loves music, loves flailing her arms crazily around while giggling adorably. She loves to say “row row row” and then I sing the song for her.

She talks so much. All the time she is babbling and speaking, often times very clearly. She can easily repeat after us. Erik will say, “Juliet, say hi grandpa” and she’ll reply “hi ba ba” (that’s what she says for grandpa) and “hi kitty” and she will happily squeal “hi keeee teeeee”.  We can go on and on. Just today I asked her to “say please, Juliet” and she replied “peeeeez”. And of course she has just the sweetest little voice.

Juliet knows where her eyes, nose, ears, toes and fingers are. And her favorite thing of all time? Her belly button. She is obsessed.

This age is so much fun. It’s also exhausting! I know, I know…I only have one child. But this is all I know and to me, chasing a toddler around is tiring! But it’s exciting and fun and seeing the world through her eyes is magical.

Happy 17 months, sweet girl. I couldn’t possibly love you more.