As I mentioned in an earlier post, Erik and I hosted our neighbors over for a summer BBQ. We had great weather, with the exception of a bit of wind. Overall, the party was a big success. We met almost all of our neighbors and to got to know them a bit. We had plenty of wine and beer and great food. Click here to check out our menu for the BBQ.

Minted provided all the pretty printed decorations. They really added to the party, but were subtle and blended nicely with the natural setting. We used the Minted Wooded Blooms party decor.
I loved our Minted Wooded Blooms Bunting banner. It was personalized and said “2013 Lang Summer BBQ”.Erik and I have a white tent that we’ve used for almost every outdoor event we’ve hosted over the last five years. Friends have borrowed it many times. We get so much use out of this tent and it was a mere $70 from Menards.

We set up a couple card tables with folding chairs and covered them with a white tablecloth and a burlap runner. I filled mason jars with farmers’ market flowers and finished it off with a bit of twine. The flowers were looking pretty wilty by the time the party started.
We had a drink table set up with two drink dispensers that were filled with lemonade and water. We hung this “Good Eats” sign from our food table (which I didn’t get any good pics of because by the time the food was ready I was running around like a crazy person). We served caprese skewers as appetizers. A few of the neighbors brought apps to share which was great. We had plenty of food to start off the party. You can never go wrong with watermelon at a summer BBQ. I also decided to make this pasta salad with goat cheese and tomatoes as a side (instead of roasted potatoes, which was originally on the menu). This pasta salad is really easy to make and is a light, summery salad with a lot of flavor from the goat cheese and red wine vinaigrette.  We served root beer floats for dessert. The kids loved them.

We had pretty place cards labeling all the food and these cute drink straws with flagsThe crazy huge amounts of meat. We served 3 different kinds of bratwurst, organic hot dogs and cheese burgers. Erik got a little carried away with the grill and ended up burning some of the brats. We had a ton leftover and ate brats all week. I definitely can wait until next summer for my next brat. Erik’s dinner plate. Yum. We had a little kid’s table as well (a mini picnic table that Erik’s mom gave to Juliet as a gift). Juliet was enjoying herself and especially loved hanging out with the neighbor kids as they ran around the house (funny, it was a gorgeous evening but the kids all wanted to hang out inside).
Our neighbors enjoying the party on our deck. Another view of the drink table. I added this “Sips” sign to the lemonade dispenser.  This circle garland was a nice touch the drink table.

Overall, we achieved the main goal of this party, to get to know our neighbors. I didn’t want to go overboard with decor and theme because that really wasn’t the focus of the gathering. Erik and I were so happy with how the party turned out we are planning on hosting one every summer and making it a tradition. We are hoping our neighbors return the favor (hint, hint!).

Minted provided the invitations and party decor for the BBQ, and as always, all the opinions are my own. Affiliate links are included in the post.