I am so behind on Juliet’s monthly updates! I realized today that I better post her 19 month photo because she turns 20 months on Wednesday. Whoa. I really want to do these updates until she turns 2. It won’t be long, which is unreal!

Snapping these photos was difficult. Like all toddlers, Juliet is so curious, she slid off the chair and came over to me to check out each photo as I took it. Then she would giggle and climb back up on the chair for a couple more tries. When I say “cheese Juliet!” she’ll give a totally awkward smile and yell “cheeeeeese!!!!”.

Most of Juliet’s milestones as of late have been around her language and speaking skills. She regularly puts multiple words together and I think it won’t be too long before she’s using fuller sentences. Erik thinks its funny to teach her things to say like “no way momma”. She’ll also say things like “momma come” or “no momma do”. Ok, not perfect grammar but she’ll get there! Sometimes she’ll say certain words (the other day we were doing numbers and she pointed to seven and said “seven”) and I can’t believe how her cute her little voice sounds saying those words for the first time.

Her balance has gotten much better in the past month and now she runs, or at least walks really fast. She still stumbles now and then but overall she pretty sturdy.

Juliet has gotten a few more teeth and the last round that came in did bother her a bit. We made sure to lay low those days and give her lots of extra cuddles and encouraged more sleep.

Juliet gets more affectionate each day. She loves to hug and get kisses. She doesn’t give kisses but rather leans her head in anytime you say “kissie?”.

She is getting to the age where she is interacting and playing more with other children. It’s awesome to see Juliet and her cousin Chloe playing together.

Bedtimes are still a struggle and we are still laying down with Juliet in our bed until she falls asleep and then we transfer her to the crib. She sleeps through the night most nights but we really need to get to the point where we can lay her down in her crib to fall asleep. Every once in a while my brother and his fiance Katie will babysit at night and she’ll go down to sleep just fine for them in her crib. Interesting.

Just like everyone says, each month just gets better and better. Juliet is a sweet, even-tempered little gal and it’s hard not to be happy being around her. When I have a difficult day at work, I’ll open a photo of her and feel instantly better.

Momma loves you so much, Juliet.

And something cool that I’ve realized lately? I can really tell how much she loves me too.