Banana chocolate chip donutsI am so, so behind on Juliet’s monthly updates so I am combining her 21 and 22 months updates. My baby turns 2 in a little over a month so I may skip the 23 month update. After her 2 year post I will officially be done with her monthly updates.

These updates are such a nice way to document Juliet’s milestones. Writing in a baby book just didn’t happen after a few months and this blog has so many beautiful memories of her first couple years. I’m so glad I did them, even if they are not reader favorites.

Because I’m so behind, I know I’ll probably miss some of the adorable things Juliet has been doing lately but here goes:

I’ll start with a potty-training update. Did you hate me in my last update when I was all “we are potty-training already and Juliet has been doing wonderfully?!” Well I knew it was way too good to be true that weekend and I knew that it was really early to be actually potty training her. But she seemed ready and more than one person agreed with me. We’ve been taking it very slowly and sort of a toddler-led approach. We just follow her lead and don’t push it. Some days/weeks even go very well where she tells us she has to go all day long and she goes and we hardly have a dirty diaper. But then there are days where she doesn’t want anything to do with the potty so it’s diapers all day. I think we’ll continue letting Juliet lead on this and maybe get more serious about potty training when she’s over 2. I’m proud of her and what’s she’s doing so far and we’ll see what happens.

Next up is breastfeeding. Yes we are still breastfeeding, mostly just at night and once in a while before naps on the weekends. She really doesn’t get much milk but she does it to be close to me and it’s great for snuggling and keeping warm in these cold winter months. I guess I always figured we’d go until about 2. I still think that is the (very loose) plan. There are days we’ll go without her asking and I don’t offer. I always wonder on those days if she is weaning herself but then another day will roll around where she’ll ask for milk (“I want milk”). So it’s pretty unpredictable at this point. All I know is that we both still enjoy it but I think I would be ok with being done soon as well.

Talking, we have so much talking over here. We have full conversations with real sentences and it’s crazy. Here are all the things Juliet has been saying lately:

What a you doing?
Momma, guess what?
Momma, watch this!
Momma/dadda hold you
Dada’s new phone
Come here kitty
I take a nap
Kitty eat food
Kitty get down
No kitty no
I go night night
I eat
I hungry
I go potty
I love you
Hello grandma
Sit down momma
Have a tea party?
I watch cartoons (um…unfortunately yes she says this)
Take mittens/hat off
Momma go away (yes heartbreaking, but she does say this from time to time and I just try to ignore it)
Daddy cleaning (not mommy, haha)

Juliet can count up to 39ish (with a little help with a number or two in there). But she is very good with her numbers. Maybe she is taking after her grandpa who is brilliant in math. I hope she doesn’t get my math skills, that’s for sure.

She knows the alphabet and can identify all the letters. We have this great alphabet mat in the playroom and she loves playing the “show us the letter _” game.

Juliet’s loves to dance and her favorite song is “I Like to Move It” from the movie Madagascar. She has this adorable little elbow jab move that she does and she mostly just bounces up and down.

This isn’t a milestone I’m proud of but Juliet can sit and watch a whole episode of TV now, with total concentration. She doesn’t get a lot of screen time but we will turn on the Baby First Network for her when we need to get something done (like cook or clean, etc) and she doesn’t want to play independently in her playroom. She also LOVES watching videos on YouTube, anything from Simple Songs to Elmo to Peppa the Pig.

Her favorite foods are green beans, edamame, chocolate chips, spaghetti, eggs, oranges, smoothies, plain yogurt with honey, applesauce pouches and animal crackers. She continues to be a great eater but there are some days she eats very little. I try not to worry because she usually makes up for it.

She is learning how to play catch with her big ball and it’s becoming one of her favorite activities with daddy.

Juliet enjoys picking out her own clothes in the morning (though she always wants to wear the same shirt, an owl shirt). She also asks for headbands and gets very excited when I let her pick one to wear.

She loves playing with this wooden play make-up set she received from grandma for Christmas. Juliet sits on the counter in the bathroom while I get ready in the mornings. She always plays with my make-up and while I don’t want to encourage wearing make-up around her, it’s reality that she sees me getting ready for work every morning. So this fake set is perfect because it’s made with non-toxic paints and has cute little soft brushes. She loves brushing them on my cheeks and pretending.

The past couple months have been just awesome with Juliet. We have a lot of fun together playing, reading, cuddling. I just love her so much. I can’t believe she’s almost 2!!!