Red velvet cakeI turned 34 last Saturday. It was an awesome day that started out awesome from the minute I woke up. Juliet had woken up Friday night and ended up in our bed (which happens 3-4 times a week). She woke up really happy and cuddly and she snuggled up next to me and nuzzled her head in my neck. I asked her, “did you know it’s momma’s birthday today?” And then she sang me happy birthday in this little, sweet voice including “appy irthday a momma”…oh my gosh, it was one of those perfect moments.

We went out to breakfast and then spent the afternoon relaxing at home. I took a nap with Juliet (catching up on sleep on the weekends is a must) and then enjoyed a fun, loud dinner with my family at Erik and my house.

Juliet and her cousin, Chloe were in very boisterous moods and basically spent the evening running around the couch and screaming. It was cute and they were having a blast and the mood was very festive.
Red velvet cakeHow beautiful is this cake? It’s a 4-layer red velvet cake. Erik ordered it from a coworker who has a cake business on the side. I thought it was really sweet of him and the cake was delicious. Red velvet cakeIn addition to cake, we had the following on my birthday menu:

Brie, blue cheese and asiago cheese with baguette
Jalapeño crab dip
Shrimp fettuccini alfredo (so, so delicious. I need to make it again so I can blog it)
Caesar salad
Cheddar bay biscuits
Wine and beer
Red velvet cakeErik made dinner with a bit of help from me. I threw Weight Watchers out the window for the weekend which was glorious but will only make Monday more sucky. Do you ever notice how hungry Mondays are? Well, they are for me anyway. Red velvet cakeTurning 34 was really no big deal. I don’t get all freaked out about getting older. The day was really nice and I spent it with my family who I am so lucky to have. I am happy so birthdays are happy. I don’t know if I am wiser but I feel like I am so much more aware of what really matters most to me.

No matter what you do, birthdays are great when you share them with the ones you love most.

And they are extra great when they include creamy alfredo sauce and layers upon layers of cake with cream cheese frosting. YUM.

The blog may be a bit quiet this week because there is another birthday coming up. One that is so much more exciting and important than me turning 34.

My little sugar plum will be 2 on Sunday. 

The dining room table in our house is covered with tape, glitter, paper and it is giving Erik anxiety from the mess but I have assured him it will all be worth it. Because duh.

I really hope to get an inspiration board up this week with a peek into my brain and all the planning and ideas for my girl. I am getting very excited and so is Juliet.

Cheers to birthdays, young and old.