Spring brunchSpring is in the air, right? Well, maybe not so much. But it’s totally in my heart. I am just willing it to come. We need warm weather. It was 10 degrees when I left the house the other day and it. was. cold. Freezing. And something about that just made me angry and put me in a terrible mood. And I wasn’t the only one. All of us in MN are so sick of the cold. Our bones are permanently chilled.

Ok, enough weather talk. Technically it is spring. And if I can’t feel it in the air at least it can be felt through my entertaining endeavors.

One of the easiest ways to entertain is with brunch. Guests are always happy with a glass of champagne in-hand. I think it’s the bubbles, or maybe the fact that they’re drinking before noon. Either way, brunch is awesome and one of my top favorite things ever in life.

I’m thinking of starting a new content feature that is all about “how to’s” when it comes to entertaining. These posts will provide inspiration for hosting your own parties. They’ll include menu ideas, recipes and decorating tips, all in the Eat Drink Pretty style.

How to throw a spring brunch gathering


Mini quiche lorraine or this asparagus, morel and ramp quiche
Cinnamon rhubarb muffins  (or purchase a variety of store-bought pastries)
Fresh fruit
Goat cheese with baguette or bagels
Mimosas/bellinis/champagne with fruit (set up a simple mimosa bar with orange juice, peach juice, fruit and champagne. My favorite bubbly is cava or prosecco).
Coffee and tea


Tulips in individual glass vases
Lemons in cylinder vases

I have so many ideas for these “how to” features such as:

How to throw a pizza and wine party
How to host a spring dinner party
How to host a neighborhood BBQ
How to create an afternoon tea party

I could go on forever! What do you think? I’d love any suggestions for “how to” posts you’d love to see.