Easter weekendBeautiful strawberry angel food cake (with a pudding whipped cream frosting) 

I was really photographically challenged last weekend. I couldn’t get my photos right, at all. They were over-exposed, out of focus, I was really struggling with my new camera. Uh. I just need lots of time with lots of practice.

Also, toddlers are very difficult to capture photos of. Juliet looked absolutely adorable in her Easter dress from her aunt Chris but I couldn’t get a great shot of her in it (with my Canon 7D). For the best photo I took of her all weekend check out my Instagram.

We spent the weekend in North Dakota with Erik’s family. I was a bit nervous about the 6.5 hour drive with Juliet but we’ve done it before and it usually goes well. Luckily, Juliet was really awesome driving both ways, happy and sweet.

As always, Erik’s mom, Karen, had a lot of delicious food (and way too much of it!). I am ready for a green smoothie tomorrow morning.

shabby chic beach wedding dessert tableKaren always makes a fish dinner on the Friday before Easter. We had pan-fried walleye with butter noodles (with fried bread crumbs), corn on the cob, garlic bread and cucumber salad. Carbs on carbs. Erik ate that entire plate.
shabby chic beach wedding dessert tableThe weather was really nice over the weekend and Juliet enjoyed playing outside. She mostly ran around and even though these few pictures are not awesome (in terms of focus and lighting) I just love the sentiment behind them. They capture how happy my little girl was last weekend; arms out, running with the breeze in her hair. shabby chic beach wedding dessert tableJuliet was spoiled as usual by grandma and this pink tractor (with a trailer, no less!) was one of her gifts from the Easter bunny.
shabby chic beach wedding dessert tableI didn’t get a chance to take photos of our Easter meal but it was great and included a balsamic, maple syrup and dijon mustard glazed ham, au gratin potatoes, beans, buns, noodle salads, baked rice, and a ton of desserts. Karen had homemade strawberry ice cream which was delicious.

I hope you all enjoyed your Easter.