fave fall things 9.30.14

Like many others, I’ve officially caught the fall frenzy. Today the temps dropped in MN and it feels like crisp, cool fall. The leaves have been turning over the past week or so and everything is gorgeous, as it always is this time of the year.

I wanted to share a few of my favorite fall things (ok so 5 out of the 6 items are food-related). Last fall I was on a huge pumpkin baking kick and baked a different pumpkin recipe each week for about 5-6 weeks. Many of those recipes made this list.

1. Pumpkin Noosa Yoghurt!! Seriously this is amazing. I work at Target Corporate and last week they were handing out samples. I went that very evening to Target and bought a bunch for myself and my sister (I knew she’s love it, too). It’s only sold at Target so be sure to head there and check it out. It pretty much tastes like pumpkin cheesecake, but you can eat it for breakfast, YES!

2. These pumpkin scones with a spice glaze are the perfect pastry to go with your morning cup of coffee. They are not too sweet and are actually pretty moist for a scone, I can’t wait to make these again this season.

3. If you choose one pumpkin recipe to bake all season, it should be these melt-in-your-mouth pumpkin cookies. They are the softest cookies I’ve ever had and when I brought leftovers to work I received hundreds of compliments. Plus, you can make them mini sized so you can have a few without too much guilt.

4. Who says you can’t have ice cream in the cool, fall months? This pumpkin pie shake is so easy, and you likely have all these ingredients in your pantry and freezer. Or am I the only one that always keeps canned pumpkin and vanilla ice cream at all times?

5. This one doesn’t need much description. All I can say is yes, I’m guilty of joining the other millions who are obsessed with pumpkin spiced lattes.

6. This is the one non-food item on my list (perhaps I should have added a cute scarf or boots to hide the fact that most of my favorite things in life are food-related). I’m on a list of bloggers that Santa Margherita wines sends an entertaining package to with each season. For the fall season, they sent a box filled with Santa Margherita Pinot Noir (I had 1/4 of a glass and it was amazing. If I wasn’t pregnant right now I would have finished the entire bottle myself), along with a wood cheese tray, steak knives, truffle salt, a wine decanter and this amazing Pumpkin Enzyme Masque. I used it the other day and I swear the next morning my skin was brighter. Pregnancy skin can be iffy, and this was a huge treat and felt super rejuvenating. It’s an organic mask with no nasty chemicals and includes real pumpkin. Awesome.

I’d love to hear what your fall favorite things are. Is it food-related or perhaps a homemade knit scarf? Please comment and share.