My girlfriends hosted a wonderful baby shower for me last Saturday with a shabby chic, pink theme. They used my baby girl’s nursery as inspiration and I was thrilled with all the details and delicious food at the shower.  Best of all, all my favorite girlfriends and female family members were there to share the day with.

All the tables had a pretty pink tablecloth, a mason jar wrapped with lace and  filled with baby’s breath and paper poms handmade by my friend Melanie.

My sister Katie and I.
I made the decision before the shower that I would bring my camera but hand it off to a friend to take photos, so the camera was on auto function and the photos are not the greatest, but the cute details were captured plus a lot of photos of my guests and I, which I’m really happy about.

That’s my 31 week bump.  Getting bigger. 

There was a long food table with brunch items and lots of desserts, including these pretty macarons. 

The menu included:

Baked french toast
Caprese salad
Fresh fruit
Vanilla cupcakes
Red velvet cupcakes
Chocolate chip cookies

My girlfriends know how much I love brunch and since the beginning of my pregnancy I haven’t been able to get enough sweets so they had no shortage of desserts/treats. 

My friend Libby and her husband made this gorgeous toy chest, personalized with my baby girl’s name.  I LOVE it.
There was a drink bar with mimosas, sparkling peach juice, coffee and bottled water. 
Kristin created these cute water bottle wraps.
Each guest wrote out a wish for my baby girl and pinned them to a birdcage.  The hostesses collected all the wishes and tied a piece of lace ribbon around them to create a wish book for me.

The pretty invite.
Yummy cupcakes, I got to take leftovers home!

My sister-in-law, Nikki and my mother-in-law, Karen.  Erik’s mom Karen traveled from North Dakota to attend my shower along with three of Erik’s aunts.

The gals set up baby photos of me.
Three of the hostesses and my three best friends; Amy, Kristin and Melanie.
My mom and I.
My mother-in-law and I.
Good friends Natasha, Emily and Shannon. 

I couldn’t have been happier with the shower and astonished with the TONS of presents I received.  My baby girl has more clothes than me now!  I also received the diaper bag I’ve been coveting (the Charlie by Timi and Leslie), a video monitor, that awesome toy chest, books, baby lotions, a pink Vikings jersey and lots more.  I spent hours organizing everything in the nursery yesterday.

Thanks so much to Kristin, Amy, Melanie, Jill, Libby, Katie and Nikki for your help in throwing me a fabulous shower!!


Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was spent finishing the nursery (thanks to the help of my husband), taking an 8-hour childbirth preparation class and taking maternity photos. It was all about the baby last weekend for sure.

The donuts/muffins/flowers were just a few of the details that I incorporated into the maternity photos Erik and I took yesterday with Canary Grey Photography. Wing is awesome, super sweet and talented.  She and I “met” last year when we partnered for a giveaway on my blog.  Remember this amazing winter session she took for the winning couple?  It’s still one of my favorite couple’s shoots of all time. 

For my maternity photos, I wanted a natural, cozy vibe with Erik and I.  We took the majority of the photos in our house; in our kitchen (with these “props”), in our living room, in the nursery (which is why I had to finish it this weekend!) and outdoors.  I was really hoping for snowy, wintry outdoor photos but with this crazy weather we have almost no snow on tht ground.  I’m sure Wing still captured some great photos. 

To be honest, taking maternity photos is a bit awkward.  You hold your belly in almost all the pictures and feel  huge and not really sure if you are going to be one of those women who look super cute pregnant or the opposite, huge/cow pregnant woman.  We’ll see which category I fall into when I get the photos (there could be a bit of both).  Wing did an awesome job of directing the shoot with great ideas and helped us feel comfortable.  Lifestyle shoots (as well as weddings) are really her specialty and she said she was very inspired during our shoot, which was really cool.

Pregnancy is going really well and I feel pretty great still (31 weeks!).  Though I’ll admit that with each day I feel like I’m getting bigger and bigger and have even caught myself sporting the “pregnant waddle” from time to time.  Erik made the lovely observation on Saturday at our childbirth class that I “look bigger than a lot of the other pregnant ladies”.  Thanks honey. 

Erik was sort of a good sport during the photo shoot.  He puts up with a lot from me with my blogging/photo shoots/detail obsession and overall type A craziness.  But he did have his share of complaints during the shoot (“are we done yet?”).  I will forgive him that, though because he spent a lot of evenings last week hanging up frames on the walls in the nursery and helping me get everything done.  We are so ready for our baby girl, but still have to wait 2 months!  Hopefully it goes by fast.

Wing also took a bunch of photos of our baby girl’s shabby chic nursery, can’t wait to share them with you!

PS. I ate WAY too many of these donuts after the photo shoot!  Oops.


Over the holidays my mother-in-law, Karen hosted a baby shower for me.  She really put in a lot of effort to make the shower lovely.  My favorite element of the shower was the dessert table.  We had cake, cookies, cupcakes, cinnamon twists, cream puffs, lemon bars and jelly beans.  I’m embarrassed to admit I ate one of everything…ok, not all in the same night, but over the course of the next few days. 

My sister-in-law, Nikki of Lovely Scribbles designed the invitations. 
Karen had pink roses at the table with pearls draped over the vase.  Karen’s good friend Joan helped with all the decorations. 

The cake was super cute, made with fondant and buttercream, to look like a little girl’s dress. 

Pretty bunting that said “it’s a girl”.

Adorable onesie cookies and sugar cookie sandwiches. The little sandwich cookies were SO GOOD.
More pretty centerpieces and an old photo of Erik and I right when we first started dating.  Don’t we look young?
My mother-in-law and I snapped a quick photo before leaving for the shower. 

Erik’s cousin Michelle made me an awesome diaper cake.

Karen had all the guests write advice on a little card for Erik and I.  There were some pretty funny ones.
Pretty, yummy red velvet cupcakes.

Tons and tons of presents.  People are way too generous….and they love to buy cute clothes and blankets for baby girls.  We received so many cute onesies, one piece pajamas, blankets, socks, booties, etc.  Erik and I could barely fit them all in our car on the way home. 

Huge thanks to Karen for hosting such a wonderful shower!!!


{Photo credits: GAP}

These aren’t must haves, they are “my baby girl already has” them items.  Someone please take my credit cards, PayPal account, debit cards, and any cash away from me. And please let me NEVER walk by Baby Gap again.

But seriously, how can you not indulge in these things?  I’ve never seen anything cuter.  And the ONLY reason I bought that hat is because my little girl will be about 4 weeks old on Easter and I just keep thinking about how she’ll be my cute little bunny in this hat.  I mean….are these thoughts even rational?

Etched rose bubble dress
Bunny hat and mitten set
Cable knit empire dress

You can also follow my obsession of cute baby girl clothes on my Pinterest board.

In my defense (Erik, if you’re reading this) all these items were on sale, I promise.


Lately I’m into all things baby related. So when this gorgeous, modern shower made its way into my inbox I was thrilled. Michelle of Little Miss Party Planner submitted this shower that she hosted/designed for her friend Rachel.

The color palette for the shower was white, grey and yellow. 

Photo credits to Levi Stolove Photography.

The menu for this party was amazing and included:

* Strawberry greens with a balsamic vinaigrette
* Fruit salad skewers
* Veggie & cheese frittatas
* French toast bites
* Murray’s bagels, nova lox and cream cheese
* Banana chocolate chip muffins

Michelle posted all the amazing details and sources on her blog, go check it out!

Thanks so much to Michelle for sending this lovely shower my way!


Ok so I don’t really know what a momma must-have is quite yet since my baby girl isn’t due until March. But…I assume a decent diaper bag is pretty important, right?

I’ve been eyeing Timi and Leslie bags for a while now. I love colors/styles pictured above.

Timi and Leslie Charlie (in mustard and light brown)
Timi and Leslie Dawn (in light blue)

Any moms out there that want to recommend their diaper bag? How about one for dads? I’m pretty sure Erik wouldn’t be too excited about carrying any of the ones pictured here.