Ok so these aren’t really “must haves” they are just “oh my god these things are so cute my baby has to have them” items.

  • Baby girl embroidered dress – Zara
  • Framed wallpaper – so there is a backstory on this.  I had a vision to wallpaper one wall in baby girl’s nursery with a vintage/rose wallpaper.  A back and forth email argument ensued with my husband resulting in him not backing down from his “wallpaper is gross” stance.  Since I have no clue how to wallpaper myself and have a feeling I wouldn’t’ do the best job, I agreed to let it go.  Until I saw these adorable frames displaying wallpaper.  I ordered 3 different types from the Abby Rose collection at Sherwin Williams and Erik will be creating frames using white trim from a hardware store and fiberboard backing (or something like that).  Super cute, huh? Photo credit above by Pure Home blog.
  • Knit boots – Etsy seller Max and Lulus 
  • I have always known print – Etsy seller MursBlanc
  • Vintage-looking shelves – Restoration Hardware
  • Baby girl floral headband – Etsy seller MyMondaysChild
I’ve never online shopped so much in my life as I have since becoming pregnant.  Please don’t tell my husband!
Do you have any items you’d add to this list?  How about any recommendations for cute white shelves that aren’t going to break the bank?

Ever since I found out my hubby and I are having a baby girl, I have been dreaming of her nursery. I am such a girly-girl, thanks to my mom, who decorated my room growing up with pink heart wallpaper and a ruffly, pink canopy bed (I seriously need to find a photo of my room to show you!).  And so it’s no surprise that my lil’ babe will have a room full of frills and lots of pink.  I picture a calm, soft room and I imagine rocking her in a comfy chair close to the window as I watch the Minnesota winter turn into spring.

As far as any “theme” I love the shabby chic look with a hint of vintage.  Oh, my poor husband…

Here is the inspiration board I put together with some of the elements I am loving for the nursery:

  • Crib – Jenny Lind style, found on Chic Cheap Nursery thanks to Jessica of Live the Fancy Life.  This crib is super affordable and is carried at Target, Giggle, Walmart, Babies R Us, etc.  I found it for the best price ($150) and shipping at Walmart (of all places, right??!!)
  • Changing table – Jenny Lind style, coordinates with the crib and found at all the same stores as above
  • Oh How I Love Thee print – Etsy, frame unknown
  • Rose petal wall hooks – Anthropologie
  • Mirror (a different one than is shown) – already purchased at Marshalls for $40
  • Shabby Chic dresser – purchased used from my friend for $150, but can be found at Target
  • Chandelier – purchased years ago at Home Depot for $89 (the same one I always hang from the white tent for events!)
  • Flower hardware – Anthropologie
  • Pink stripe glider chair – Target
  • Rose fabric (for bedding and curtains) – Baby Bedding (I don’t plan on getting a bumper)
  • Baskets for storage – found through my sister-in-law Nikki (who just had a beautiful baby girl, Chloe) of Lovely Scribbles, can be found at Walmart

Erik and my budget for the nursery is $1,500 and I think I’ll easily stay within that.  I just can’t get too carried away.  So what do you think?  Do you have any recommendations for the best places to find nursery decor or any ideas of items that I haven’t thought of??