Look at who is getting to be such a big girl! 7 months already. Wow.

This month brought big milestones:

  • Juliet starting sitting, unassisted.  It literally happened overnight about 3 weeks ago.  One day she was super wobbly and couldn’t sit without being held up, the next day she was all “I got this, you can let go now”.  
  • She started sleeping on her tummy at night.  She decided this was the preferred method of sleep, much to my dismay.  I know once they are strong enough to roll over it is perfectly safe to sleep on their tummies, but I am a high anxiety new momma and I find myself staring at the video monitor at night and checking in on her multiple times.  Juliet continues to be a good sleeper, for the most part, and only once in a while wakes up at 3 or 4am to eat or for some soothing. 
  • Being a bouncy baby in her jumperoo.  My mom bought her one a couple months ago and Juliet would just sit in it and play with the toys.  Now she jumps and laughs and yells.  Her legs move like a little Irish dancer and I am way too entertained by this.  The iPhone videos of her bouncing are out of control.
  • Juliet started daycare.  My mom watched her all summer and boy was she spoiled.  Rocked during her naps, held all day, lots of stroller rides.  It was a great summer for grandma and Juliet and I was so happy knowing my sweetie had the best care.  The day after Labor Day I dropped my sweet girl off at daycare.  It is a great in-home daycare and good friends of ours take their little one year old girl there.  Juliet has been doing really well and making new friends.  The older kids adore her and when I drop her off in the morning they exclaim with joy, “Juliet is here!”, which I find so sweet and adorable.  The only tears with the daycare drop-offs have been mine, but I’ve been doing a lot better the past week or so.  
Sweet girl, the best part of each day is coming home to see you.  We have so much fun in the evenings playing with toys, reading, eating yummy squash and green beans (your faves) and snuggling while you breastfeed.  Our weekends are filled with so many fun adventures; the apple orchard, long walks with daddy, visits from Grandma Karen and Uncle Justin, sleeping in and cuddling in bed and lots of family time with grandma and grandpa, aunts, uncles and cousin Chloe.  
Just as every parent I know has told me, it gets better and better everyday.  I love seeing you take in the world with your beautiful, big eyes and you make me so happy with your smiles and giggles.  Momma and daddy love you way too much, girlie! Happy 7 months!

Ok so homemade baby food is definitely not pretty but this is my life lately so it’s making its way onto the blog.    

As a way-too-busy working mom, I thought I wouldn’t have time to make Juliet’s food. But I’ve found time and it’s been really easy. 

Juliet loves green beans, they are one of her favorites right now, along with squash and pears.  She hated avocado (she made the funniest face, gagged and spit it out).  So far I’ve made homemade squash, plums, carrots and green beans.  I have no problem buying store-bought baby food, but thus far have stuck with organic (I like Earth’s Best and Plums products).  The veggies and fruits I’ve made homemade have not been organic, but most have been from farmers’ markets.  I do prefer feeding Juliet homemade purees because it’s cheaper and I like knowing exactly what she’s eating and for the most part, I do think homemade purees taste better than store bought (yes, I do taste all her food).

These green beans were from the Minneapolis Farmers’ Market.  They were super tasty and the batch made enough to fill an entire ice cube tray (one serving is typically 1-2 ice cubes worth).

The recipe is super simple, here it is:

Homemade pureed green beans


One bunch green beans, ends trimmed
Food processor (or blender or immersion blender of fancy baby bullet)
Pot and steamer


Fill water just over the steamer, add green beans.  Steam for about 15 minutes or until very tender.  Let cool.  Save the cooking liquid.

Transfer beans into the bowl of the processor, process until very smooth, adding the cooking liquid until you achieve the consistency you want (for Juliet I make it extremely smooth with quite a bit of liquid).

Green beans can be a little stringy, so I push the puree through a fine mesh sieve, but you can skip this step if the puree is nice and thin. 

Divide evenly in an ice cube tray and freeze.  When frozen completely, store in ziplock storage bags or in airtight container.

I hope your little one enjoys!


My sweet girl turned 6 months last Thursday. When Juliet got up that morning I just stared and stared at her, incredulous that 6 months have gone by. 

This month brought a few milestones:

  • Juliet started sleeping through the night. The real deal, not just the 5 hour deal (which is actually the true definition of a baby sleeping through the night).  She sleeps from 6:30pm (I know…way too early! I want to keep her up and play with her when I get home from work, but she is so sleepy, she has to go to bed) until 5:30am when she wakes up to eat.  I feed her and she sleeps until 6:30am.  She is my amazing sleeper.  I feel so lucky because it wasn’t always this way.  The memories of waking up 6 times a night to feed her every two hours is still very fresh in my mind.  But those feedings/wakings tapered off until we were down to 1-2 feedings and to be honest, when Juliet started sleeping through the night I missed our time together at night, breastfeeding in the peace and quiet. 
  • Juliet had her first solids and loves them.  We started two weeks ago and since she has had rice cereal, peas, carrots, prunes, bananas and green beans.  She pretty much likes everything and I have hope that she will be a great eater. 
  • Overall, she is so much more engaged with Erik and I than ever before.  She loves to play, she loves to be held and grab my face in her hands.  She loves when daddy lifts her high in the air and she squeals with happiness. 
  • We discovered Juliet is ticklish and we have way too much fun with this as she laughs and laughs. 
  • Juliet learned to scream/yell.  And loudly.  Not when she’s crying, just anytime she’s playing with toys and happy. It’s funny and sometimes it’s so loud she startles herself. 

Juliet had her 6 month photo session on Saturday.  95% of the time, Juliet is in a good mood and is the sweetest baby.  So of course, during the session, she had a bit of a meltdown.  I was STRESSED.  These sessions are so important to me (not to mention they are not cheap!) and I want them to be perfect.  Erik was upset because he hates seeing Juliet cry and was trying to cut the session short.  It was kind of chaotic.  Life with a baby is never predictable.  I just hope we still got some good shots.  We had about 20 minutes of a happy girl so I’m sure there are a few.  Oh and I can’t wait to see the shots of Juliet and Chloe (her cousin who is 4 months older).  The two of them together are a sight to see.  So cute. 

Happy 6 months my sweet, precious babe.  You make me one happy momma. 


{Photos taken using my iPhone 4 on Instagram}

It’s another crazy work week so I’ll keep this short. Here are the highlights from my weekend:

  • Going to a friend’s beautiful, outdoor wedding on a lake
  • Breastfeeding on a dock, such a peaceful moment with my baby
  • Seeing Grandma Karen!
  • Eating peas for the first time.  Juliet made the funniest faces like she wasn’t too sure about them but she finished the whole jar.  On the road we brought Earth’s Best organic peas (otherwise I am attempting to make all her food homemade, so far we’ve made carrots and green beans and it’s been super easy).  I like Earth’s Best if we do the packaged route because the jars can be recycled and the ingredients are literally just the organic vegetable and water and she really seems to like that brand (we also use this for rice cereal). 
  • Spending an entire Saturday morning with Juliet, playing, singing, cuddling and watching her nap. It was awesome. 
  • Eating a steak with a glass of cabernet.

I’ve been meaning to post Juliet’s 3 month photos for a while now, they were taken over two months ago! I couldn’t love these photos more, taken by Wing Ta of Canary Grey Photography (she also took my maternity and nursery photos).

I originally planned on only having Juliet’s newborn, 6 month and 1 year photos taken, but when she approached 3 months I marveled at how different she looked than even just a few months earlier (check out her newborn photos here). 

I don’t spend a lot of money on clothes, toys or baby gear. We were fortunate enough to receive so many gifts when Juliet arrived and from our baby shower. But I do spend money on professional photos.  They are important to me and always will be.  I will never regret spending money on these photos. 

Erik could only be home during the photos for about 20 minutes, and then he had to go back to work.  So the majority of photos were taken of just Juliet and Juliet and I.  I really wanted some sweet mommy/baby photos and I sort of used my maternity leave as inspiration for the shoot.  Just my sweet baby girl and me, in a perma-snuggle for 3 months straight.  I wanted that captured in photos and I think Wing was able to do just that. 

These photos show Juliet’s silly facial expressions, her funny thin hair that stood straight up those first few months, how she doesn’t like to smile for the camera and my enormous love for her.  She was also super sleepy during the session and fell asleep in the middle of it!  

I cherish these photos with all my heart. 


Juliet turns 5 months today. We took these photos on Sunday after her baptism. It was a busy weekend!  I love her pretty dress, a gift from her aunt Chris (and godmother).  Juliet is such a funny girl.  Every time the camera comes out she just stares, not smiling, just looking kinda goofy.  But still so damn cute.  I love her silly expressions!

Juliet’s 5th month brought a few milestones:

  • She learned to grab her toys and made the connection between her hands, objects and her mouth. 
  • She started sucking her thumb.
  • She learned how to fuss.  I’m not sure this is really considered a milestone but with this month came a different kind of cry….a cry that can be turned on and off in a second and be replaced with a smile as fast as can be.  
  • More rolling over, about 4 times total.  And guess how many times momma has witnessed this?  None!  Grandma and daddy are the only ones that have seen her rollover.  
  • Talking.  Ok, she doesn’t really talk.  But she will squeal, laugh and make sounds for minutes as if she’s holding a conversation with you.  Love this.
  • She has developed major curiosity.  She can barely breastfeed for longer than a minute or two before unlatching and looking from side to side, worried that she may have missed something.  
At Juliet’s 4 month appointment her pediatrician said she could be started on solids now.  I don’t know if we’re quite ready yet but probably soon (so many resources say it’s best to wait until 6 months but I also trust my pedi so we’ll probably start in a couple weeks or so).  Erik and I are very excited about this and I plan to make her food homemade.  We’ll see if I stick to that though because I know the pre-packaged organic foods are super convenient and babies love them. I think we’ll try organic rice cereal first, just to get her used to the texture and then go to avocado and sweet potatoes.  
Juliet’s baptism went great yesterday.  Erik’s family was in town all weekend and we enjoyed spending time with them.  Juliet got loads of attention but took very few naps.  She did great during the church service but then wasn’t too happy during brunch.  She was just overtired I think.  
It’s almost been 2 months since I’ve been back to work and I think I’m finally back into the routine.  I don’t feel as tired anymore (coffee helps!) and I no longer feel a huge pit in my stomach everyday when I’m not with Juliet.  I still miss her tons during the day and by Friday I am so ready for the weekend to be with her.  My mom continues to give Juliet the best care when I’m at work which has contributed to making this easier on me.  I am sort of dreading bringing her to daycare in September.

Juliet has been sleeping in her crib, in her nursery for almost a month.  Erik really pushed for us to transition her from co-sleeping/bedsharing and though I wasn’t really ready yet, in the end it has been for the better.  She sleeps great in her crib and we all get more sleep as a result.  Juliet’s bedtime is around 7:30-8ish and she sleeps until around 3-4am for her one feeding during the night.  I feed her in bed with me and sometimes she sleeps with me until it’s time to get up.  That way, I still get plenty of snuggle time with her but the majority of the night she is sleeping in her crib. She is pretty good sleeper and I know how lucky we are.

Playing with Juliet is so much fun.  We sing, laugh, play with toys, dance and she loves the interaction.  I love seeing her change and learn new things everyday.  I adore her so much and cannot believe she is already 5 months!