Tres leches cakeThe Mexican Fiesta co-ed shower was awesome last weekend. My sister-in-law to be’s family hosted a great party. My sister Katie and I chipped in with margaritas, decor and tres leches cake. My favorite part of the shower was the nacho bar. I didn’t take a photo of it but I sure ate enough nacho cheese to last me a while (uh, why is that stuff so damn good?!). read more


No bake strawberry lemon cheesecakeOne of my favorite things is getting together with my big family on the weekends. We do this about once a month to celebrate holidays or birthdays. Last Sunday we gathered at my house to celebrate a bunch of birthdays; Erik’s, my younger brother Joel and my sister-in-law Nikki.

We made a big Mexican meal including:

Shredded chicken tacos (in the crockpot, so easy)
Beef tacos (for both the chicken and beef we use this homemade taco seasoning)
Homemade spanish rice (from my mom)
Homemade corn cake (Nikki makes this and it’s delicious)

And for dessert Erik asked for cheesecake. It’s one of his favorite desserts (along with pistachio dessert) and when I saw this no bake recipe I thought it looked great.

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How gorgeous is this cake? My brother surprised his wife, Nikki, with it for her birthday last weekend. Nikki is on a gluten-free diet and this cake is entirely gluten-free which makes it all the more impressive. Gluten-free baking is not easy, ingredients are unfamiliar and must be exact. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to taste this beauty but Nikki said it was amazingly delicious (she took these gorgeous photos).

All I can say is, way to go bro, you did good.

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