On Wednesday my younger sister, Katie, turned 30. We celebrated with my family at my place, with holiday-inspired decor, good wine and awesome Italian food.

We a lot of cake at this party. That was a priority of the day, since my sister has a massive sweet tooth and wanted “lots of cakes”. So her husband picked up 3 delicious cakes from Whole Foods and one from CUB (because Whole Foods didn’t have chocolate chocolate, what?!) and we devoured them. I mean…seriously, I ate two slices of the three cakes and would have gone for a third, but I forced myself to have a little self control.

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Last weekend I hosted a fall-inspired dinner party for my family. There were twelve of us that got together and the company, menu, and decor was pretty great. While I was the main host of the party, my family is really great in that they always offer to chip in to help. I’ve learned years ago to accept help and just appreciate it, versus trying to do everything myself.

This party was sponsored by Food Should Taste Good, as part of my brand ambassadorship with them over the past couple months. If you recall, I’ve posted a couple really tasty dips to accompany their fantastic chips including this easy greek dip and this blt-inspired queso dip.

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My husband and I are going to be the matron of honor and best man in our friend’s, Libby and Biffer’s wedding so we threw them an engagement party this weekend. The party was fall-inspired; outdoors, casual, cozy, comfort food, s’mores, a bonfire and lots of fun.

We hung the above branch heart from an arch as guests entered our backyard.  I found it at Michaels for $4.99 and thought it fit right in with the theme.

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