On Saturday I went to the St. Paul Farmers’ Market and brunch with my sister, Juliet and Libby.  The market is just getting good, with beautiful flowers and veggies. We sauntered up and down the market for about an hour.  Libby nearly bought something from every single vendor there!

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One of my favorite things about MN in the summer is the farmer’s market. I am lucky enough to live just a few miles from the St. Paul farmers’ market and work downtown Minneapolis which is right in the heart of the Mpls farmers’ market on Thursdays. I love walking down the busy street on my lunch hour with all the amazing smells and vibrance.

These photos are from the St. Paul farmers’ market. Everything at this market is locally grown. My favorite items are the huge beets and sweet raspberries.

Beautiful currants

My first time ever seeing gooseberries. 

I was planning on making a rustic tomato tart with these beauties but ran out of time over the weekend and used them in simple salad instead.  Still delicious. 

How often do you attend your local farmers’ market? What is your favorite item to buy?


Since it is Sunday morning, I will keep this one short. These pictures from the farmer’s market represent all things fall in MN. Beautiful oranges and yellows, pumpkins and squash so delicious after it has been roasted with olive oil, salt and pepper…

Happy fall!


I went to the Mpls Farmer’s Market on Lyndale with my younger sis on Sunday morning and we had a lovely time. There are so many gorgeous fruits and vegetables in season right now that I could hardly carry my bag towards the end it was getting so heavy.

I purchased cucumbers, radishes (for a great radish appetizer, click here), beets, cherries (not sure if these are locally grown) and of course, a savory scone from my favorite Farmer’s Market vendor, Cocoa and Fig. Katie got to meet Joe the co-owner, and she purchased a carrot cake cupcake and carrot cake cookie, both looked delicious.

I was tempted to purchase every fresh flower bouquet I saw, all so damn beautiful!


Doesn’t Caprese salad just remind you of a summer day? The red ripe tomatoes, fresh, fragrant basil and soft, cold mozzarella with a touch of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper….it is definitely on my list of favorite dishes.

Though it’s a bit chilly in MN today I thought I’d post this lovely Caprese salad I made yesterday for a potluck with my coworkers. The tomatoes are beefsteak from an Amish community in Wassau, WI. They were the most beautiful, ripe red tomatoes I have ever seen (the stand is located on Nicollet and 8th). These two young guys drive to the cities every Thursday for the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market. They may also stay the weekend for Lyndale market but I’m not sure. What I am sure of is they’ve made my short list of fave farmer’s market vendors which also include Dehn’s Garden (the best herbs you’ve ever smelled/tasted), Cocoa and Fig (confection perfection…sorry, I couldn’t resist) and the hummus ladies (I think the name is Serena). These vendors literally make my day each and every Thursday and help in creating beautiful, perfect dishes like this one below.


I am so lucky to work downtown Minneapolis. Every Thursday there is a wonderful Farmer’s Market on Nicollet Mall with fresh flowers, fruit, veggies, pastries, herbs, etc. The veggies and fruits get more abundunt and deeper in color as the season goes by and the crowds are amazing. It is one of my favorite things to just walk up and down the street on my lunch break. I tend to buy way too much (what am I going to do with all this basil???) and spend too much time.

Today I purchased basil, arugula and a couple pastries from Cocoa and Fig (they are a new, fabulous catering and confectionery company. I learned from their Twitter feed this morning that they were going to be at the market today so I had to stop down and tell them how much I adore their blog and their beautiful wedding dessert displays. I purchased a savory ham, chive and cheddar scone and a lemon and cream cheese brioche. Did I mention I am on Weight Watchers this week? I will be pawning those pastries off on my hubby or possibly Kristin if I see her soon enough. But I did sneak a bite of the savory scone and it was delish. Their stand is located on 7th and Nicollet so be sure to check them out on Thursday at the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market!!

Photo from Cocoa and Fig’s blog of the brioche