Our holiday has been really great, and I’m happy that we still have the tree up for another week or so. The ladies in my family had our annual holiday cookie baking party in mid-December. I typically host at my house, we make tons of cookies, and everyone brings something to eat for brunch or appetizers. Usually I have some type of champagne cocktail drink but this year we passed since I can’t enjoy it anyway.

I’m 36 weeks pregnant, this is the week that Juliet was born. She surprised the hell out of us by arriving a full month early and I’m really hoping that this pregnancy goes full term, at least 39 weeks. Fortunately, I feel pretty great, so even though Erik and I had an extremely busy week hosting house guests both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I barely noticed I was pregnant (except for the fact that I couldn’t drink wine).

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Easter weekendBeautiful strawberry angel food cake (with a pudding whipped cream frosting) 

I was really photographically challenged last weekend. I couldn’t get my photos right, at all. They were over-exposed, out of focus, I was really struggling with my new camera. Uh. I just need lots of time with lots of practice.

Also, toddlers are very difficult to capture photos of. Juliet looked absolutely adorable in her Easter dress from her aunt Chris but I couldn’t get a great shot of her in it (with my Canon 7D). For the best photo I took of her all weekend check out my Instagram.

We spent the weekend in North Dakota with Erik’s family. I was a bit nervous about the 6.5 hour drive with Juliet but we’ve done it before and it usually goes well. Luckily, Juliet was really awesome driving both ways, happy and sweet.

As always, Erik’s mom, Karen, had a lot of delicious food (and way too much of it!). I am ready for a green smoothie tomorrow morning.

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I had a lovely, long weekend. We couldn’t have asked for better weather and spent a lot of time outdoors. Erik and I went up to our friend Nick’s cabin, then had a date night and had my family over for Memorial Day.

On the Memorial Day menu:

Tomato, basil and mozzarella crostini
Chips and guacomole
Cheese and crackers
Spicy Italian brats
Chicken brats
BBQ ribs
Corn on the cob
Raspberry jello with whipped cream
Cheesy potatoes
Tuna salad
Pistachio dessert

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