fave things 6.1 The last week  MN has been pretty lovely, weather wise. We got a ton of rain over the weekend and now everything is so lush and green. I am off work this week in preparation for a new adventure and I plan to soak in every last drop of sun. I’ve been discovering some great products lately and wanted to share all my favorite things I’m loving. This list has quite a bit of Juliet-inspired items as well so if you are a momma to a toddler, you should definitely check these out.
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You may have noticed that Eat Drink Pretty has a brand new look. The new site launched on Tuesday and while I am still working through some kinks and updates to finalize everything, the new look is here and pretty much ready to go. I worked with the ladies at Wooden Spoons Kitchen to create a totally new design and site layout. We moved the old blogger site onto WordPress and gave it a big face lift. This feels so much more like Eat Drink Pretty should look; clean, bright, airy, feminine, lovely.

I truly love it and am so thankful to Melissa and Erin for taking my vision and bringing it to life in this beautiful new look.

My favorite features are the recipe index and party page (they still need a bit of updates which should be done by end of next week). Why next week?

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Easter weekendBeautiful strawberry angel food cake (with a pudding whipped cream frosting) 

I was really photographically challenged last weekend. I couldn’t get my photos right, at all. They were over-exposed, out of focus, I was really struggling with my new camera. Uh. I just need lots of time with lots of practice.

Also, toddlers are very difficult to capture photos of. Juliet looked absolutely adorable in her Easter dress from her aunt Chris but I couldn’t get a great shot of her in it (with my Canon 7D). For the best photo I took of her all weekend check out my Instagram.

We spent the weekend in North Dakota with Erik’s family. I was a bit nervous about the 6.5 hour drive with Juliet but we’ve done it before and it usually goes well. Luckily, Juliet was really awesome driving both ways, happy and sweet.

As always, Erik’s mom, Karen, had a lot of delicious food (and way too much of it!). I am ready for a green smoothie tomorrow morning.

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{Photo taken on my iPhone 5 and edited through VSCO cam app. You can follow me on Instagram @eatdrinkpretty. Are you on Instagram? Comment with your profile name and I’ll follow you.}

I am so, so ready for the long weekend. I’m off work at noon today and it can’t come soon enough. Erik and I will be spending the weekend in North Dakota at his mom’s cabin. Pontoon rides, grilling and eating too much food (no doubt) and chasing my sweet toddler around the lawn.

If you’re looking for festive recipes check out this post from a couple years ago.  For an easy appetizer check out these mini BLTs and for a red, white and blue dessert try these berry pudding trifles.

My little girl is a walking machine the past few days! It’s so fun to follow her around the yard while she explores. She’s still a little unstable but is mostly walking as her main mode of transportation now. Sometimes she’ll reach her hand out for mine to get better balance, I just love that.

Wish us luck as we get ready for a 6 hour road trip with a toddler! Any tips?


Last week was pretty great.  I had Wednesday and Friday off work.  Random days off work to spend with my sweetie are the best.  And days to myself are pretty great too.  I had my first ever full day to myself on Friday.  Juliet’s daycare was closed all week so Erik’s mom flew in from North Dakota and watched Juliet Thursday and Friday.

Wednesday was a Jenna/Juliet day and we went to the Children’s Museum with my good friend, Jill and her two boys.  Then we went to lunch (3 kids age 3 and under and they did great!) and after Juliet and I spent the rest of the day hanging out, playing, napping, etc.

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It probably seems like every Monday I come around and say I just had the best weekend ever. Well, it’s because as a working mom, I now LIVE for the weekends.  I can’t wait to have hours stretched out before me to spend with my baby girl, without having to worry about making bottles, getting her ready for daycare, etc.  Weekends with my little family are the best.  Always.

And this one was especially awesome because it included a date night with Erik (our first since Juliet was born) and a trip to the apple orchard where my little one took in all the sights with her pretty, wide eyes.

Erik and I woke up on Saturday morning and went grocery shopping.  He carried the girlie in the Becco Gemini while I ran up and down the aisles.  We made a breakfast skillet with potatoes, sausage, onion, green peppers, eggs and cheese and I drank pumpkin spice coffee.  It was an awesome morning.

Erik went golfing in the afternoon while Juliet and I spent time going on a walk, snuggling and lots of playtime and reading.

On Sunday Erik dressed Juliet in her Vikings jersey and the two of them watched some football while I did a few chores.  Then we said goodbye to daddy and took off to meet my family at the apple orchard. Erik is a hard-core Vikes fan, so he doesn’t miss a game for anything.

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