The weekend was wonderful, ending with church, brunch and dyeing eggs at my parent’s house. Juliet was very so pretty in her Easter dress and white cardigan. She was very sleepy and otherwise uninterested in her first Easter adventure though (as you’ll see in later photos).

We usually spend Easter with Erik’s family in North Dakota.  This year, with a 7 week old, we decided against making the 6-hour drive (Juliet is eating every 1-2 hours so that would have made for many stops and a LONG drive).  We definitely missed his family and especially the Easter egg hunt with the grand prize egg (with $50 in it!) and his mom’s delicious cooking.

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This is sort of what my Valentine’s Day evening will look like with my honey. We are keeping it low key and having a take and bake heart shape pizza for dinner and this red velvet layer cake for dessert. We actually baked the cake (from scratch!) yesterday evening and just have to frost it. Pizza and cake…a pregnant woman’s dream meal. Add my honey into the mix and I am one happy lady.

Ok, maybe I’d be a tad happier if I was enjoying a glass of that gorgeous champagne, but I have just about a month to go and I will definitely pop open a bottle of bubbly.

If you’re in need of some last minute Valentine’s Day ideas check these out:

Red velvet triple stacked cupcakes
Papa Murphy’s heart-shaped cake
Rose champagne
Raspberry cupcakes with pink buttercream and lacy chocolate hearts
Doily Valentines

Oh and don’t forget about these yummy heart-glazed cornmeal cookies I made last year!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

{Photo credit and recipe: Martha Stewart}

It’s my birthday next week and I really want to keep it low key. I’m thinking an evening in with my honey, making dinner together and just hanging out. Our evenings with just the two of us are limited and as excited as we are about our baby girl coming, we also want to make the best of the alone time we have now.

The only thing I want for my birthday is for Erik to bake me a chocolate cake. Erik has never baked anything, so he’s kind of nervous about this. I need to find a good, yet easy recipe for a moist chocolate cake to pass along to him. Do you have any recipes to share?

If not, I may let him off the hook and allow him buy a mix and store-bought frosting.


{Photo credits: Martha Stewart}

I’ve discovered that it is possible to eat dessert every single day of your life. Well, my life anyway…over the past two weeks. Brownies, pumpkin bars, cake with buttercream. There has been way too much dessert milling around my ad agency and dammit it is just so hard to say no.

How was I ever uninterested in sweets pre-pregnancy? I can’t even believe it now. I love chocolate, any kind of candy, cookies. I could eat sweets every second of the day.

Eek. This is a problem.

PS. How amazing does that triple chocolate cheesecake and boston cream pie look?  I’ll take a slice of each.

{Photo credit: Bakerella}

Today is my 31st birthday. I’d really love if someone would come over and bake me this cake. Isn’t it the prettiest cake ever?

I’m keeping this birthday a bit low key.  Erik and I are going to dinner this evening and all I want is a burger, fries and a cold beer.  I realize I kind of sound like a dude saying that.

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{Photo credit: AZ Cookbooks}

My husband turns 30 today. It’s been a big month for both of us with birthdays.

Erik’s favorite dessert is cheesecake. I TOTALLY cheated and made him a no-bake cheesecake. I had to save time somewhere because I will be spending hours preparing his favorite meal of all-time, chicken and dumplings (German/North Dakota style). Think lots of heavy cream, slow-roasted chicken and dumplings as big as heads (ok, not that big…). Erik’s mom taught me how to make this meal when we were spending the holidays in North Dakota. I am a bit nervous because steaming the dumplings seems a bit tricky. Wish me luck!

Welcome to the 30’s my dear. I hope you have a wonderful day!!!