Before Friday I had never eaten Pho. It is one of Siobhan’s favorites so on her second to last day in MN she picked me up at the office and we headed to Eat Street (aka Nicollet in Minneapolis). We went to Pho Hoa (I have no idea how to pronounce that), and had amazing Pho. Such awesome flavor, I kept eating and eating until I was full as hell. I blame the rice noodles.

So that was my Pho adventure, very yummy and it is a budget conscious meal (about $7) and apparently healthy as well.


My friends/coworkers, Siobhan, Diane and I had a fabulous lunch on the patio at Masa last Friday. Masa is an upscale Mexican restaurant on Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis. With the economy in the tank, I have had a pretty strict “no dining out” policy for the past few months. It hasn’t been a huge deal since I love to cook, but every once in a while I miss being waited on and not having to do the dishes.

As I mentioned in a couple posts below, Siobhan is moving to another country (Colombia to teach English) which means opportunities to sit on a patio during lunch with her are dwindling (ps. Siobhan if you are reading this PLEASE DON’T GO!!).

So when the weather was sunny and perfect last Friday we agreed to an outdoor lunch. We chose Masa because we recently discovered it has a great lunch special that they don’t advertise on their website. Since most people are on a budget these days, good deals are a must! The lunch deal they have is a “choose 3 for $10” that includes tacos, mango salad, a green salad, guacomole, tortilla soup and tortas. Lunch also comes with complimentary tortilla chips with delicious tomatilla salsa.

Siobhan loves ceviche and ordered that. She said it was great.

Photo credit: Masa’s website


My sister Katie and I are checking out bakeries around the cities. We are trying to do one every couple weeks. Originally we wanted to taste and see yummy/pretty cupcakes but our plan has emerged a bit to include lattes (for me), lemon bars (for Katie) and quiche (for both, it is delicious). So far we have been to Cupcake in Minneapolis and Black Sheep Cafe in South Saint Paul.

These photos are from our outing to Cupcake. Adorable cupcakes, great coffee and delicious quiche.

I love Black Sheep Cafe because it is located in the city I live in (South Saint Paul) and it is a little gem of a place. They do latte/cappucino art, which is so lovely, and the drinks are delicious. We both got quiche and it was only $3.50 a slice and it was really light and tasty.Next stop, Dorothy Ann Bakery in Woodbury. I almost got my wedding cake from there but opted for Queen of Cakes in Edina instead. My cake was awesome and delicious (red velvet, carrot and white with raspberry mousse).

Here is a pic of my lovely wedding cake.