Well, all I can say is OOPS. I am posting Rosie’s 5 month post a whole month late. She actually turns 6 months on Friday. Oh my gosh, how could it be?! But despite my major lack of posting, I fortunately captured the photos on time, so Rosie had just turned 5 months in these photos and was more adorable than ever.


Months 4 to 5 actually weren’t too eventful in terms of milestones for Rosie. She continued to have bottle issues, but luckily there was improvement over the month. These 4ish weeks were spent with my mom (Grandma Connie) while Erik and I were at work, and she worked hard to get Rosie more comfortable with bottles everyday. She also held Rosie for almost all naps because Rosie continued to not be a huge fan of the crib. Needless to say she was quite spoiled by Grandma (though I don’t really think you can truly spoil a baby). I love that she was held for her naps and loved so much by grandma.


Rosie continued to be just a happy girl. She smiled all the time this month. She became so much more interactive and vocal. Always squealing and many giggles. Her love of big sister Juliet was so apparent and nothing makes me happier.

Some highlights of this month included:

– Cabin weekend with my family over Memorial Weekend, lazy boat rides and tons of attention from family

– Rosie’s first festival at Grand Old Day in St. Paul. We had a lovely breakfast at one of my favorite cafes and then watched a parade and walked around on a hot day. Rosie slept in the Becco the whole time.

– A fun Rock the Barn event at a nature center by our home. We watched big sister dance the evening away to live music as the sun set. It was a gorgeous evening and a sweet memory with my two girls.

Breastfeeding is still a favorite of both Rosie and mine. As is bedsharing….it works well for us and allows me to get decent sleep. I’m not looking forward to having to do the crib transition at all.

Speaking of sleep…I am happy to report that my total sleep deprivation that I experienced between months 3 and 4 got so much better the next month. Either I was actually sleeping better at night or my body just adjusted. I think it was a blend of both.

My last monthly post for Rosie definitely outlined some challenges. I hadn’t acclimated back into work. I was tired as hell. I was very unkind to myself and had really unrealistic expectations of how quickly I needed to be back up to speed and operating at 100% once I went back to work. But the truth was it took me longer then 6 or 7 or even 8 weeks to feel really and truly back into the swing of things at work. I realize that now.

Things are great at work now, mostly. It feels good working and being productive and my job is pretty great. It’s busy though, and it is hard balancing a demanding job with two kiddos. I still get tired. But I drink a second coffee in the afternoons and it helps (but I’ve never needed that second cup until having a second baby). I can’t wait to get home to my kiddos. And I do miss them a lot while I’m away. The days when I have to work after the girls go to bed are hard. But I can’t complain much, my work/life balance is actually pretty good.

More than anything though, I know how blessed I am to have my Rosie-girl. I love her so damn much. Happy 5 months my sweet darling.

I’ll be back to update on Rosie’s 6 month soon!



So I blinked and another month went by. Actually more than a month. Rosie turned 4 months on May 10. I’m just getting around to blogging about it now after a month hiatus from posting. It wasn’t intentional to take that much time away from the blog but holy crap the last 6 weeks have just absolutely flown by. And not really in a good way. Being back to work and being so busy makes time go by so fast. I try to stop and take everything in and enjoy these sweet baby moments with my girl. But the time keeps racing by.

The past month or so has been a bit stressful, if I’m being honest. Going back to work this time around might be even harder than the first. Going back right away I totally felt like “I got this”.  I had done the whole back to work after baby thing once before and I knew I’d be ok. And it was ok. It wasn’t awesome, but it was ok. I missed my baby of course…but what I wasn’t expecting was the awful mom brain that took over and the total sleep deprivation that I experienced (well and still have). I would be sitting in meetings and looking around willing myself to concentrate on what my colleagues were saying and my mind just felt foggy. It was hard to pay attention. And then I would think to myself, “what’s going on? Am I stupid? Why does it seem like everyone else is getting it and I have no clue what is going on?” Man, I was tired. Well and I still am. I think I’ve said that twice now. Yup, I’m damn tired.


But Rosie…oh my sweet Rosie…she is just so wonderful. She is my little dream baby and I don’t for one second take for granted how lucky I am to have her. She smiles so much, like 1,000 times a day. She smiles for photos. It’s so fun. She coos and squeals and makes me so happy. She loves breastfeeding. She smiles so big for her big sister, Juliet. Seeing those two together literally make my life.

One huge challenge we unfortunately have is that Rosie doesn’t take a bottle. Ok, so she sometimes takes a bottle. But at the most we are talking 3ish ounces a day. We waste a lot of precious breastmilk around here and my mom (who takes care of her everyday) works with her all day long on the bottle. Sometimes it can take upwards of two hours to get Rosie to drink a couple ounces. I get the play by play via text while I’m at work and my heart races and my anxiety is through the roof. Why won’t she just eat?! She must be hungry! I worry all day long about my girl. I’m so thankful for every minute that my mom takes care of her. Because she’s the kind of grandma that has all the patience in the world and is loving and sweet to my baby and holds her for naps. Rosie also is not a great napper and definitely not a big fan of the crib.

So yeah…the not drinking bottles and not napping well are a bit challenging. It’s not all roses with Rosie. She makes up for not eating during the day while I’m at work by waking up a lot at night to eat. And or course I will feed her 1,000 times a night if she wants to because I worry about her not gaining enough weight. She was a good weight at her 4 month appointment though so she seems to still be gaining weight despite barely eating all day.  She eats most of her calories at night (this explains my total sleep deprivation).

But honestly, I get home from work and feed her right away and see her big smile and all those challenges go right out the window and I am seriously in baby bliss with her.


I mean…look at her, she is just so adorable and yummy. I love her so.


Rosie is still in our room at night, mostly in bed right beside me. It makes it easier to feed her all night long. I think she’ll probably be in our room for a while longer. By 5 months Juliet was already sleeping well in her crib. Each baby really is so different.

I’ve posted a bunch of times about Rosie’s bottle issues on Instagram and have gotten some good ideas. But trust me we’ve tried so many things. Different bottles and nipples. Different positions. Sleeping and awake. Distracted and cuddled close. Fresh milk and frozen milk (it’s not a lipase issue, I’ve tasted it). When she’s hungry and when she’s not too hungry. The one thing we try to be consistent with is to stop trying with the bottle as soon as she seems upset. Usually she just plays with the nipple and chews on it. She doesn’t get too upset or frantic about being given a bottle (like I’ve heard some babies do) but she rarely will latch and drink. And I want her to soo badly. I want her belly to be nice and full and happy while I’m at work. Plus I have like 600 ounces of frozen milk for her in my freezer that just keeps building up. So yeah…we are working through some big challenges here. But enough of that.

Other fun things about Rosie’s 4th month include:

– Giggles and laughing (the sweetest sound!)

– More hair and it still sticks straight up and we love it so much

– Grabbing and holding toys

– Loving bath time with her big sister

I know this post has been a bit all over the board. I know I’ve shared some challenges we’ve had but most importantly over everything, I love this girl so, so much. And I love having two kiddos. Two girls. My girls. How did I ever get so lucky?

Happy 4 months my sweet Rosie-girl! Now please take a bottle 🙂


Rosie 3 month - compressed

I am so behind on Rosie’s 3 month update. She turned 3 months on April 10th, which was also the week I went back to work. So needless to say, things were a bit busy, emotional and I was just tired. Sooooo tired that week. Thank goodness for coffee.

Going back to work has been pretty good. Rosie is with my mom full time until the summer, so that brings me so much peace of mind knowing that she is with grandma. My mom watched Juliet when I went back to work, too. I’m so thankful.

Rosie’s third month was really great all around. But especially when it came to sleep. Pretty much right after she turned 2 months, Rosie started sleeping amazing. Like through the night amazing. There were many nights that she would sleep from 8 or 9 until 6 the next morning. She is still in our room, sleeping in the co-sleeper and our bed and I would wake up every few hours and stare at her and wonder, how is she not waking up to eat?! Once I became comfortable that she actually just is a rockstar sleeper I would relax and sleep, too. Those were glorious nights and I didn’t take them for granted. She’s regressed a bit now that I’ve gone back to work, so she’s waking up a couple times throughout the night, which honestly isn’t a big deal. Juliet never slept through the night until she was 14 months, so that is more what I was expecting. I think Rosie will go back to sleeping a bit better once she is used to the new routine with me being back to work.

Rosie has gone through most of the normal 3 month milestones. I looked back at Juliet’s 3 month update and they are very similar. Rosie’s head control has gotten pretty good. She still has some work to do but she doesn’t like tummy time so we don’t push it. Her hair continues to grow straight up with the front still being more bald than the rest. Juliet and Rosie’s 3 month hair style are similar and I couldn’t love it more.

Rosie 3 months - compressed 2

I made the mistake of taking her photos when she was tired so she was giving up absolutely no smiles.

That last month of maternity leave with Rosie was really wonderful. I just love maternity leave with my babies so much. Lounging on the couch, breastfeeding every 30 minutes if she wanted to….the occasional lunch with girlfriends and their babies. So many cuddles. Taking naps. Being lazy together. Typing this right now is making me tear up a bit because I miss my time with her so much. I told Erik this evening that Mondays are really hard, I miss her the most on Mondays. I realized that in the past 2 weeks that I’ve been back to work, I’ve spent 90 hours less with her than the previous two weeks. So much time. Uh, just breathe……

I’ve done the whole going back to work thing once before, so it’s not like this is the first time for me. But it’s still hard. Plus, it doesn’t help that my brain feels fuzzy and I’m definitely not quite operating at 100% at work yet. I’ll get there. This will be the new normal, but it’ll take a few more weeks I think.

Rosie 3 months - compressed 3

My Rosie is just so sweet. That’s really how I would describe her in one simple word. Sweet. So, so very sweet. She is such an easy going little baby. She smiles all the time. I can usually capture smiles on camera so easily. She smiles when I kiss her on the cheek. She smiles when she breastfeeds. She smiles when she sleeps. She smiles at her sister and daddy. And now that she’s with grandma all day, she gets a lot of smiles too.

I love my Rosie girl’s smiles so much.

Rosie 3 months compressed 3

See? I told you she was tired.

My sweet, special Rosalyn, you have made me one happy momma. I have 2 little girls! How did I ever get so lucky?! I appreciate each moment with both daughters. Erik and I always talked about having 2 kiddos and then we planned on being done. If anything though, having such an easy, happy and sweet baby has made me want more and more babies. This terrifies Erik a bit. I don’t really know if we will have any more kiddos, but I sure do love the baby phase. I am like…addicted to my Rosie and her sweetness. And I know it just keeps getting better and better. She is so interactive already, smiling and cooing and laughing and playing. It’s so fun being with her. I could go on. But really the bottom line is..holy shit I love this girl.

Happy 3 months Rosie.


IMG_4256 - Copy

Momma, my moccs are falling off!

Our Rosalyn turned 2 months yesterday. It’s been such a wonderful 2 months. The second month even better than the first, though I’m not even sure how that’s possible. Our little Rosie-girl started sleeping much better at night in the past couple weeks. She gave us the first 4 hour stretch and has now been doing 4 and 5 hour stretches pretty regularly (and even a 6 hour stretch the other night!!). Oddly enough, when she first started sleeping more (meaning I was sleeping more), I actually felt more tired for a couple days. My body was adjusting or something like that. But the past week I’ve had tons of energy, and have even started having dreams at night. I think I was dreamless for the first month and a half because I never entered into a deep sleep. Switching from half caffeinated coffee to full caffeinated also helped. Full caffeinated coffee is truly a wonderful thing.

I’ve been in sort of a dreamy state loving on my baby the past couple months. I really adore this newborn, little baby stage. Rosie continues to be really easy, with a tiny bit of fussiness in the evenings. It’s nothing breastfeeding and a tight wrap in the Moby can’t conquer. She’s a dream to take out. I’ve had many lunches with girlfriends and she just sleeps right through them or sits quietly in my arms. We’ve had our fair share of getting out of the house. We did a class of momma/baby yoga at 6 weeks, once I was cleared to exercise and in the past week we’ve started going on walks outside (because we’ve hit 60 degrees in Minnesota and it’s soooo amazing!).

IMG_4246 - Copy

Such a smiley girl!

I have 3.5 weeks left of maternity leave. Of course it’s going by fast, but I’ve been uber-conscious of each minute and have really been enjoying the time with Rosie. I’m soaking her in each second. I hold her way too much….except there isn’t really such thing as holding your baby too much. We bedshare every night. She is my side-kick and I intend to hold her every minute until I go back to work. I’ll be ok going back to work. I’ve done it before and know what to expect. And my mom will be watching Rosie full time until early June (she also watched Juliet when I went back to work for 3 months) and so I know she’ll be in great hands.

IMG_4253 - Copy

Shoes for babies are totally ridiculous. But so darn cute. But impractical. I justify these because they were on super sale at Baby Gap.

IMG_4241 - Copy

I sort of don’t believe the scale at the dr. at Rosie’s 2 month appt. It said she’s 11 lbs 3 oz but she seems so much bigger. I mean…that double chin!

Rosie loves:

When her big sister Juliet tickles her and rocks her


Being worn in the Moby, Becco and Sakura Bloom

Her daddy! He gets more smiles then the rest of us.


Rosie doesn’t like:

Being set down, ever.


Her car seat

Tummy time

Happy 2 months sweet little Rosie. Your mommy, daddy and big sister Juliet adore you so much!

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Rosalyn 1 month 2

Our sweet little Rosalyn turned one month last week. As most parents say about the first month (and all months, all years), it absolutely flew by. And it was wonderful. The night feedings, the diaper changes even because they come with the sweetest newborn snuggles, the breastfeeding, those little baby coos. Rosie is a very easy baby, similar to Juliet at this age. She rarely cries or fusses…nights aren’t awesome, but I know they aren’t really supposed to be this early on. She’s up every 2-4 hours at night (a 4 hour stretch is rare). I am a bit tired, but nothing my coffee in the morning can’t fix.

Juliet has been so great with her sister. She clearly loves “her baby Rosie” and while she did have some regression in the first few weeks we brought Rosie home (including a couple instances where she politely asked me to “put the baby back in my tummy)” she’s been doing so well in the past few days. She is always asking “how is my baby”? It’s really sweet. I’m so ridiculously happy and thankful to have my two sweet little girls.

Rosalyn has pretty much the same likes and dislikes as Juliet did around one month:


Breastfeeding (we do this on-demand and I really love it. She has been a champion breastfeeder and has basically never had a single issue). She just got it right away. I’m sure it helped that I have 2 years of experience with Juliet. I couldn’t be more grateful that breastfeeding her has been easy because it was difficult with Juliet the first few weeks and that’s really stressful).

Snuggling on momma’s chest

Being held

Being wrapped in a warm blanket

Sleeping in bed with momma

The rock ‘n play (but only for naps, not night sleeping unfortunately)

Rosalyn 1 month


Being cold


Sleeping in the rock ‘n play or co-sleeper at night

Being put down

Maternity leave is freaking awesome. It’s like the best vacation ever. I mean…obviously I know it’s no all-inclusive stay in Mexico. But there is just something really nice about having 3 months from work…away from that type of stress and taking time to really slow down with your new baby. And I actually really like my job. A lot. But I still really love having this time off. I have 7 weeks remaining and I am savoring each second. And being a second time mom is really great. I have so much more confidence and much less anxiety.

I worried about not liking having my leave over the winter, but it’s been totally fine. I’ve had so many fun dates with friends, meeting for brunch, meeting at the Mall of America (I live literally 15 minutes away and I usually am not a fan, but for walking around and grabbing coffee/lunch it’s great. Very family friendly). Two of my good friends have had maternity leave at the same time as me and we have been taking full advantage to spend time together with our babies.

The first month is really special. From coming home from the hospital and such a big life change and transition…to being off work and learning to relax and enjoy your only plans being the couch, the Today Show and a baby on your chest. It goes so fast. Newborns change literally before your eyes. Rosalyn has already gained a couple pounds and almost out of newborn clothes and diapers. She is sporting a double chin and is the most adorable thing.

I just love her so much. Happy one month my sweet Rosie-girl.